January 20, 2022

Bonus Episode: How to Know if You’re On the Right Track

Have you ever wondered if you’re on the right track?

Maybe you’re starting a new endeavor or pivoting and you’re questioning if you’re heading in the right direction.

In a bonus episode of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Loy talks about three ways to tell if you’re on the right track in life and in business. He talks about the importance of learning, having someone to learn from and creating vision for yourself. 

One way to tell if you’re on the right track is to ask yourself the following:

Are you a learner?

The people that rise to the top are always learning. 

They are constantly reading, researching, taking courses, attending trainings, etc. This means that you are investing in yourself. Sometimes the stuff you learn might not even add up to meaning anything in the grand scheme of things, but the point is that you are actively looking to learn something new.

If you are learner, you have a huge possibility of going to the next level. 

You must be in constant learning mode. 

Do you have a mentor?

You need someone to emulate. When you emulate someone, it means you imitate them in a sense. Typically this is someone that you look up to because they have went before you and been successful in whatever it is you are also trying to do. 

Let’s use sports for an example. A young kid starting their basketball career, might emulate Michael Jordan. They want to be like him.

Finding someone that you deem as wise to learn from is a great indicator that you’re where you’re supposed to be.

Can you visualize yourself in a certain place?

If you can visualize yourself in the future, you are on the right track.

If you can’t even imagine yourself there, it likely won’t happen.

For example, one of our GUIDE Culture graduates had the dream of being promoted to ‘Head of Design’ in her job. She wouldn’t have made it there unless she visualized herself in that position. Before going into any meeting, she thought to herself: “How would ‘Head of Design’ act and respond?”

By doing that, she put herself in those shoes. She imagined herself as that person. That without a doubt plays a huge part in how she ended up where she wanted to be.

You have to be able to visualize the things you want in life before they can come to fruition.

If you find yourself within these 3 things, chances are you are within your passion. If you aren’t within these 3 things, how can you improve and seek these?




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