January 24, 2022

Episodes #73 + #74: 7 Lessons Learned Building a 7 Figure Biz by the Age of 27

Macy here! Just the other day I was journaling about the lessons I’ve learned during my 4 years of entrepreneurship and the last 2 years of building GUIDE Culture from the ground up.

It quickly turned into “7 Lessons I’ve Learned Building a 7 Figure Business by the Age of 27.”

I turned it into a two part podcast series, if you’d rather listen instead:

Lesson 1: Get help before you give up.

Good people are EVERYTHING. Find them, invest in them, connect with them, love them, encourage them, help them win, hold the ladder for them, challenge them, sell them on your vision. They are worth every bit of time, energy and money.

If you aren’t quite ready to hire someone yet, go ahead and start thinking about that ideal person. Journal about them – What would they do? What would they take ownership of? Where do they live? What is their personality like? What do they enjoy? What qualities do they have?

Doing this will help you, whenever you’re ready to build your team, you’re already going to know who you want or who to ask. 

Lesson 2: Growth is greater than goals.

Goals are great, don’t get me wrong, but who you become during the process is better. When you get BETTER, your business gets BIGGER.

Who you become is much greater than what you’re doing. Who you’re becoming is where your focus should be.

When you’re focused on who you’re becoming, that will determine who follows you or who buys from you. Focusing on becoming the right person is going to create the business that you want.

Lesson 3: Risk it all.

When you take a risk, you’ll see a switch turn on inside of you that you never even knew existed. Taking a risk might be the very thing you need to get you where you want to go.

When you go all in and truly risk it all, you will work harder than you ever have. You’re making the decision that whatever you’re doing WILL work. 

Lesson 4: Plan to win, prepare to win, THEN and ONLY then can you expect to win.

Planning to win, means planning your work and working your plan. You choose to do the hard things and cut the slack.

Preparing to win means doing the inner work that feels unamazing at the time. The reading, the journaling, all of the things that lead to personal growth. The work that doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything at the time.

Prepare even though you don’t know what you’re preparing for. When your time comes, you need to be already prepared.

Expecting to win means a lot of self talk. Negative thoughts will 100% come up, but it’s your job to not give life to those thoughts.

When you talk defeat, you can expect defeat. When you talk victory, you can expect victory.

Lesson 5: Pray as if it depends on God, work as if it depends on you.

One without the other just won’t work. My mom once told me that if you’re stranded in an ocean, you’ve gotta pray and you’ve gotta paddle. You can’t just pray to get back to shore, you also have to work to get back to shore.

Business is the same way. You have to put in the work.

Lesson 6: Entrepreneurship is 50/50 .

Life isn’t meant to be a full time vacation.

50% of the entrepreneur experience is going to be very hard and 50% is going to be very amazing. Knowing that will keep you steady.

One of the things that my dad, Loy, reminds me of constantly is to not get too high in the goods times and not too low in the bad times. No season is forever.

Lesson 7: Do less and obsess.

Choosing a few priorities is not enough. Obsessing over your chosen areas of focus is necessary. You have to decide what you’re going to cut out so that you can be laser focused on the most important things. I go deep into this topic on THIS podcast episode.

I hope these lessons help you as you navigate entrepreneurship or life in general. I’d love to know which resonated with you the most! Send me a DM on Instagram and let me know!





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