March 31, 2022

Sales 101: How To Ask For The Close

One of the most important steps of the sales process is asking for the close. And often times, this is where we see people blow it – either they 1) won’t even ask or 2) talk completely through it.

Contrary to what you might feel, the close is actually the easiest part of the sales process.

By the time you get to the close, you *should* have already done the hard part – built the value, info gathered, handled objections – all of that should be done before you even ask for the final decision.

Once you reach this step, there’s 2 main rules to follow:

1️⃣ ASK for a simple decision

“Are you ready to get started?”

“Do you want to pay in full or start the payment plan?”

“Cash or card?”

“Do you want to enroll right now or at lunch?”

“Sign Here” or “Here’s the link!”

2️⃣ Embrace the awkward silence & DON’T SAY A WORD 🤐

Yes, it will feel like forever for you, but it doesn’t to them. It’s your job to give them space to think and make their final decison.

Biggest takeaway: instead, of asking a question and then adding more info, keep your question short + powerful and then confidently wait for them to answer.

Pull for them during the silence, because you know their life will change when they say “YES!”

Remember: selling is a PROCESS, not an event and the close is just a final decision in that process 🔁

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