October 18, 2021

How to Answer Almost ANY Question You Get

Have you ever asked someone a question and they assume they know why you’re asking so they immediately answer and you’re left in an awkward moment of, “well that’s great, but that’s not why I’m asking.”

I’m sure you’ve experienced that before and it can honestly feel a little annoying because you instantly feel like the person doesn’t care about YOU!

Here at GUIDE Culture, we teach a little technique that helps you answer almost any question you get so that you can avoid the scenario above.

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[2:15] Types of questions this can be applied to.

[3:40] The huge leadership opportunity you might be missing by answering questions right away.

[4:45] What most people don’t realize about questions they get

[5:15] The GUIDE Culture way of answering questions and examples

[7:05] 3 things your able to do when you ask clarifying questions

[8:55] Another example to really exemplify the main point here

[11:40] What info gathering does for you as a salesperson

It’s natural to want to immediately answer someone’s question, but when you ask for clarity on why they’re asking, you can craft an answer that is specific to them.

This simple switch instantly makes the other person feel like you care about THEM, which ultimately makes them like you more.

In this episode, Macy shares the technique and gives a few examples so you can see how this can make a massive difference in your conversations. 





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