“Wait. How does GUIDE Culture work exactly?”

sales training + leadership training =

guide culture

GUIDE Culture® is a sales training that’s unlike any other sales training out there. Our method is unique, repeatable and timeless. That means you can learn exactly how to get more sales, better clients and faster results. And the real value is that it just gets better over time.

We know you want to:

Sales Training

When it comes to learning sales, we know it feels like you’ve tried everything. You’ve listened to the podcasts, read all the books, followed the step-by-step instructions. You’ve tried sales and marketing tactics that seem to work for other people. You might’ve also made quite a few sales. But, it still feels like you’re piecing together everything to the point that you have no idea what did work when it does.

We take a whole-person approach to sales, because we believe that it starts way before you get to the point of “yes” or “no.”

GUIDE Culture® takes time-tested techniques of human psychology and turns them into a repeatable method so you can win people over, make the sale and serve them like crazy. And you can do it consistently.

Leadership Training

Part of what makes GUIDE Culture’s sales training different is the fact that you learn skills that will transfer to all areas of leadership in your life, regardless of your position.

We really believe that sales is leadership and leadership is sales. We want to teach you how to win at both. Around here, we take a whole-person approach to sales and leadership. After learning the GUIDE Culture® process, you’ll start to grow the buying culture with your audience and the buy-in culture with your team you’ve been working for. And, the bonus? You’ll start to notice your own growth day-in and day-out, too.

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Get Attention

You can do all the posting, all the pitching, all the talking… but none of it matters until you have their attention. This is the moment when the right people realize you have something important to say. You’ll learn the 6 key ways to get someone’s attention.

Unleash Curiosity

Curiosity may have killed the cat (yet to be verified, in our humble opinion), but it saved the salesperson. DAILY. This step helps you determine if you’re talking to the right person—the one you can really serve. You’ll learn the 4 P’s of unleashing curiosity, so you can not only get attention, but you can find out if you want to keep their attention or move on to a better fit.

Increase Value

In this step, you get to blow them away with what they really want. You’ll uncover the magic of the 5 Part WOW Statement that will have them not only ready to buy, but reeeeeally dang excited to give you their money (because they’re certain of the value coming their way).

Dream Big

Anyone can spout off why someone should buy something. But can you help them truly imagine, in detail, what their life will be like once they have it? In this step, you’ll learn how to help them imagine themselves using, enjoying and benefiting from your offer or idea.

Expand Lives

When you give value in abundance with your product, service, or idea, your prospect’s life expands when they say yes.

In this step, you’ll learn how to actually close sales (instead of just offering and hoping, ya know?).

Spoiler Alert: This step alone will save you HOURS in sales conversations (and grow your revenue like crazyyyyy, too).

why culture?

Culture (n.) - a shared set of values, goals, attitudes, and practices that characterize and organization.

We believe Culture can also be defined as not just what you get done within your business, team, or company, but how you go about getting it done. And, we really believe that is what makes the difference between a business that survives a season and a business that thrives for the long haul.

the ProCess

How It Works:

The Process

Join + Choose Your Lab Time

We have about 4 cohorts per year. When it’s time, you can enroll and get excited about the life change ahead – and it just might change your legacy.

When you enroll, you will choose a lab time – this is a small group of 10 or fewer people, led by your GC Certified Coach, that you will meet with weekly during your training to implement the new skills that you learn during training.

Hop in the Facebook Group

Get immediate (and lifetime) access to our next-level group with current students, GC grads and coaches. This is a safe space to practice and get feedback.

Session Starts + Dive In

You’ll get new content dripped to you each Friday at 8am ET in your membership portal so you can focus on one piece of the method at a time. Plus, you get access to your portal for life, which means more time for you to dive DEEP.

Learn by Doing in Lab

We truly believe that weekly real-time labs are where the real magic happens. Learning only matters when it translates to action, and labs are your moment to put into practice the GUIDE Culture skills and techniques you’ve learned over that week. Labs are run by our GUIDE Culture coaches and are structured as a safe space to provide structured feedback and points of growth for each student.

Do Reps, Get Results

Because GUIDE Culture is repeatable and timeless, that means you can only get better with time and practice. Our students who practice in labs and then go out and practice in life and business get deeper results than we even knew were possible. With a dedication to curiosity and a desire to see what GUIDE Method can really do, we know you’re going to see the kind of results you’ve been searching for—and you’re going to be filled with purpose along the way.

“GC is so much more than GUIDE Method. When we truly embody the mindset and have the intention of serving in front of every conversation, people feel it.”
“I so badly want people to realize that the reason they are signing up for GUIDE Culture today is probably the SMALLEST reason GC will ever change their world.”
- shelby
“I took GUIDE Culture for my business I own AND the beauty of it is that the training trickled into my corporate career. I was recognized with leadership awards last year! It was the benefit I didn’t see coming.”
- gina
“One of the BEST things I’ve learned and been able to process and implement IMMEDIATELY with GUIDE Culture is handling doubts and concerns.”

What we Help with

More sales and faster results

are just the beginning.

More sales and faster fesultus are jus the beginning.

Getting more sales and hitting your goals lightning fast is what you want, isn’t it? We also know you are the type of person who wants more than just more, better and faster. You want to feel purpose in your pursuits. You want to feel like you’re truly serving people better than ever. You want to feel like you’re going after something that’s bigger than you. Sound about right?

One of the fringe benefits of GUIDE Culture is that you’ll uncover a method to get CLEAR on your message, no matter what it is you’re trying to communicate. Clarity translates to more benefits than we can list on this page.

Here are just a few of the areas where our students win with the GUIDE Culture®

Win People Over

Trust = Connection.
Connection = Commitment.

Unleash your Uniqueness

Gain clarity in your message and calling. Capitalize on your unique tilt that’s been there all along.

Get to a Decision, Quicker

Persuasion skills are not soft skills. These skills will help in your job, business, and family.

Grow a Following

Leaders need a following. You need a formula you can use to sell people on the vision, the mission, and belief daily.

Build a Bought-In Team

Your team wants a leader who will help them reach new heights and find purpose along the way.

Be Heard

It doesn’t matter what you say, it matters what people hear. Are your communication skills growing or dying?

Gain Confidence

These techniques will help you steer a conversation. You’ll have confidence in any and every conversation.

Cultivate your Family

Your family needs a leader to guide them to what’s true. Learn to instill your loved ones’ belief in themselves daily.

Deepen Your Belief

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” The best leaders are rooted in unshakable belief.

who we help

" Will it work me me and my industy?"

“Will it work for me

and my industry?”

Specific sales techniques may expire, but persuasion is timeless and transcends industry or role. We’ve helped a wide range of people in a variety of industries learn a proven method to communicate about their product, service, or idea.

Industries we’ve helped:

Industries we’ve helped:

• Online Business Owners
• Nutritionists and Dietitians
• Business Coaches
• Copywriters
• E-Commerce Business Owners
• Real Estate Agents
• Network Marketers
• Functional Medicine Doctors
• Optometrists
• Pediatric Dentists

• Online Conference Creators
• Wealth Management
• Health Coaching
• Teachers
• Moms
• Corporate Team Leaders
• Hospitality Team Leaders
• Veterinarians
• Insurance Agents

Sales and Leadership

Training for Teams

and Organizations

Sales and Leadership Training for Teams and Organizations

If there were a way for your entire company to get laser-focused on honing their sales and leadership skills, you’d want to know more about that, wouldn’t you?