January 24, 2022

Episode #83-#89: GUIDE Method Series

GUIDE in GUIDE Culture is an acronym and it represents 1 of 4 pillars in our Signature Sales & Leadership Training. In the following podcast series, we breakdown each letter of GUIDE to provide clarity and insight to what GUIDE Method stands for and what it really means.

We begin with an overview episode:

This episode is Part 1 of the GUIDE Method Series.

The ‘G’ stands for Get Attention – it is VITAL that you have someone’s attention before you talk to them. Macy and Kathryn share why this attention piece is so important and how you can start using it effectively. 

This episode is Part 2 of the GUIDE Method Series.

The ‘U’ stands for Unleash Curiosity Macy and Kathryn share how this step is used to really pre-qualify your potential clients and make sure you’re spending time with the right people!

This episode is Part 3 of the GUIDE Method Series.

The ‘I’ stands for Increase Value. This is where we teach a 5 Part Wow Statement that will help you create a customized message for specific people and their specific needs. Macy and Kathryn talk about how to do this effectively so that you can save time and make more sales!

This episode is Part 4 of the GUIDE Method Series.

The ‘D’ stands for Dream Big and this is where we develop the skill of visualization. Macy and Kathryn share how you can paint the picture to help others see where they can be when they work with you!

This episode is Part 5 of the GUIDE Method Series.

The ‘E’ stands for Expand Lives and it’s all about the close. Macy and Kathryn explain how the close can actually happen all throughout the GUIDE Method and how to effectively use it.

This episode is a bonus of the GUIDE Method Series.

One of the most important pieces to GUIDE Method that isn’t a part of the acronym is Handling Doubts. We put it off to the side because doubts can come up at any moment during a conversation. Macy and Kathryn talk about why doubts are a GOOD thing, different types of doubts that people may have and how you can control the conversation when a doubt is raised.




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