January 24, 2022

Episode #98: The #1 Thing You’ll Want to Do Before You Get One More Follower

In the online business world, it feels like the ultimate goal is to hit 10k on Instagram so that you can get that swipe up feature. It’s so enticing and it’s really easy to feel like that’s where your focus should be.

And listen, we get it. We also want to grow our audience and have fresh eyeballs on our brand. BEFORE you focus on growing your follower count, it’s really important that you pause and shift your ONE focus to actually making sales! If you’re the type that likes to listen rather than read, we’ve got you ⤵️

First things first, we have a tough love question for you: if you’re not converting who you already have, what makes you think you’ll be able to convert NEW people?!

The only way that Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or email works is when you can successfully turn your followers into buying customers ???? And the only way that happens is when you have mastered your sales skills.

You might be thinking, “I hear you, but first I need the RIGHT audience!” We hear this allllll the time and if you’re sitting there thinking that the people you have right now just aren’t the “right people,” we’re here to tell you that’s just NOT. TRUE.

The truth is that you can actually turn the audience you have right now INTO the right audience – into your ideal client.

The way that you do this is by having a strong message that you share consistently. Whatever it is that you stand for or believe in, THAT is the message that you share every single day.

Overtime people will start to change their perspective and will likely be persuaded into your idea or belief, which can eventually lead to them buying from you!

In GUIDE Culture, we go so much deeper into HOW to show up and have a persuasive message where you’re selling, nurturing and slowly persuading people that you already have to believe what they need to believe in order to buy from you.

Having these foundational sales skills will take your business so much further faster which is why we believe THAT is where your focus should be BEFORE you grow your following.

Learn more about the GUIDE Culture training HERE!

-MM + KS




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