January 24, 2022

Episode #95: The Time I Got Sold To and LOVED It – 3 Things They Did Right

Macy here! A few months ago my husband and I were mattress shopping and it seems like a really casual thing, but really mattress shopping is a big deal. After shopping around online, we decided to go into some stores and I never knew how much I would LOVE it!

I was telling this story on Instagram and I mentioned how I honestly really do love being sold to. And when I said that, I got a floodddd of DM’s saying how they HATE being sold to and so I want to address that real quick.

You see, it’s not that I love when someone tries to sell me something. I do absolutely love when someone helps me buy. Whenever I am in the market for something specific, in this case a new mattress, I truly want someone that has more knowledge that me – the EXPERT – to help me buy what is best for me.

If you’d like to listen to the whole story, you can press play on this podcast episode ⤵️

The job of a salesperson is to guide people into buying decisions that are best for them.

A buying decision simply means that someone decides to buy into something because it serves them well and that has been clearly conveyed to them. When the buyer knows how they will be served, they will be more willing to buy in in to your product, service or idea. A buying decision doesn’t always mean an exchange of money.

The mattress salesman helped my husband and I do just that – make a buying decision that was best for us. Here are the 3 things that he did right:

1 – He asked the right type of questions.

In GUIDE Culture, we talk a lot about info gathering and how it’s crucial to making sure you can serve your buyer well.

The thing I want to note is that he didn’t really ask us what we wanted or what we liked. He asked us questions about our bodies and if we had any aches or pains – all of the questions he asked had everything to do with what we NEEDED in a mattress, not necessarily what we wanted.

As a salesperson, its your job to turn what people want into what they need.

-MM + KS




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