December 14, 2021

Episode #9: Making Decisions

In episode nine of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Loy and Macy discuss a few ways to make a big decision. Loy shares three points to consider when making a decision in life and business.

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[1:50] Magnitude – some decisions are really big, such as, who you’re going to marry, a career move, etc. Other decisions are smaller, such as, “am I going to eat that ice cream tonight?”

[2:40] Macy and Loy’s example

[3:21] Long term commitment

[3:34] Who else does the decision affect?

[4:15] Advantages vs. Disadvantages of the decision

[7:43] What are you prepared to give up?

[8:27] Emotional Pull

[11:38] Sleep on it, move slowly and make sure it’s a real passion.

[13:10] Justification

[14:32] Trial and Error

[15:58] Persistence – you have to be willing to take some risks, accept the worst case scenario, and try something else if one thing doesn’t work.

[17:12] What Loy would say to someone that’s struggling in the sense of making a big decision




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