January 24, 2022

Episode #81: This ONE THING Will Help You Make More Sales Right Now

Have you ever spent so much time and energy on a prospect by answering alllll of their questions or giving them a lotttt of information and when it comes time for them to seal the deal…. *crickets*

Nothing. Nada. Ghosted.

After all of that time, they don’t follow through. Not a good feeling is it?

Spoiler: those people were probably never a real prospect in the first place.

GOOD NEWS: There is a way to qualify your prospects to make sure you’re spending time with the RIGHT people.

Contrary to popular belief, just because someone is breathing DOES NOT mean they are a prospect for you. Even if someone is interested in what you have doesn’t mean they’re a good fit.

It’s your job as the professional and the expert to determine if they’re a good fit by gathering information, asking questions and being honest with yourself AND the other person.

Your time is incredibly valuable so you want to make sure it’s worth your time to move forward with someone. To do this, you want to start qualifying your potential clients. 

In this episode,Macy and Loy share 4 ways to qualify your prospects that you can start using today!

Here’s the overview:

1 – Price

Can your prospect afford your offer? If not, they may be disqualified.

Is your price aligned with the value of your product? If not, the prospect may not feel motivated enough to become a customer.

Is your price competitive in your industry? If not, the prospect may consider someone else.

2 – Product

Can you actually help your prospect?

It it something they need? Will it help solve their problems?

If it is a good fit for them, are they in a place where they can receive it?

This is where you have to be honest with yourself. We get it, you want the customer. But is it worth it if they can’t really benefit from the product at this time? This honesty is vital to maintain your credibility.

3 – Service

Do they need something more than what you offer? If so, then it’s your job to disqualify them and refer them to something else.

Do you offer a better customer experience than what they’ve used in the past? Do you offer a customer experience that will help them win?

One of the best ways to LOSE a customer is to give poor service. This is a HUGE deal and must be heavily considered when you’re qualifying people.

4 – Relationship

Do they have a relationship with someone else that does something similar to you that they will probably do business with? If so, they aren’t a real prospect.

Relationship will trump all of the other qualifiers.

The good thing about social media is that you get to be in control of building relationships with people that follow you.

The relationship you have with a prospect can really determine if they become a customer or not.

You can start using these 4 general qualifiers today so that you are focusing your time and energy on the RIGHT people!




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