January 24, 2022

Episode #75: How To Build Virtual Trust Quickly

If I’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s that business moves at the speed of trust.

Sales is a process. It can take minutes, ten days or ten years and I deeply believe that the level of trust you have with someone will determine how smooth that sales process goes.

Here’s the overview:

1 – Get Face to Face

Use Zoom, FaceTime, Instagram Video Chat – do whatever you can to SEE the person you’re talking to. You might be wondering why this is important…

You see, as humans, it’s natural when people are asking us questions for our first response to not be the full truth. Often times, people aren’t saying what they’re reallyyyyyy thinking. 

The words that someone says aren’t always the full picture. The tone, the facial expressions and the body language can really help you read more into what they’re saying.

People just want to be heard and know that someone understands them. They want to feel like you are on their team.

You can’t know someone until you understand the root of what they’re saying. You’ll be able to much better understand the root when you get face to face with them.

2 – Be the expert and show that quickly.

What NOT to do: prove that you know something by talking about it.

When you do that, you’re actually doing the opposite of being credible. The hard truth is that people don’t care about you. They care about how you can help them. 

Instead, SHOW, don’t tell. Show that you’re credible by researching about the other person before you talk to them. Doing your research BEFORE you talk to someone helps you to speak very specifically to their needs and how you can help them. 

3 – Don’t Overstate

Take out overstatements from your vocabulary: Always. Never. 100%. Guarantee. Promise.

These words make people LOSE trust in you because it’s just not true. You can’t promise or guarantee something. Something doesn’t alwaysssss work. Nothing is 100%.

Replace the general overstatements with SPECIFIC evidence to keep the credibility. Tell them what you can’t do, and then say what you can do. This will make you much more believable.

Building trust with people online doesn’t have to be difficult – it just takes a little more intention!

Pulling for you – MM




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