January 20, 2022

Episode #61: 3 Ways to Attract New Clients During a Crisis

COVID-19, like any crisis, might have you wondering how to grow your clientele effectively. How do you keep your business thriving? How will you stay afloat?

There are a few things you can do that we believe will grow your client base even during a crisis. In episode 61 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Kathryn talks about 3 things you can do during this season of uncertainty to keep your business thriving AND help you gain *new* clients!

#1: Provide more content than you ever have.

AKA – do double the work for the same result.

This IS going to take more time, but it will keep you and your business thriving.

Spend more time creating valuable content for your audience. How can you show up for them in a new and different way? Think videos, social media posts, emails, podcast episodes, etc. The content needs to be something that makes their life better and helps them feel happier.

You not only need to do more content, but you need to BE in more places.

TIP: take one concept and repurpose it on multiple platforms.

For example, if you record a podcast episode, also record it as a Facebook Live, write a blog or Instagram post about the concept AND post about it on Instagram stories. 

That’s one concept in 4 different places!

#2: Give your customers MORE ATTENTION.

People need more space to think and share their thoughts during this season. This means that you need to give them more attention.

For example, if you don’t typically do discovery calls or maybe someone else on your team does them, now is the time for YOU to step up and do them. People want to feel confident in their decision to buy from you. 

Remember: no one is entitled to a customer right now.

If you want to grow your client base, go above and beyond for potential clients. Show them that you care and that you are there for them.

#3: Provide certainty and security for your people.

How much confidence can they have that YOU are the answer to what they need right now?

How confident are YOU that you can deliver something that is invaluable to them? You need to grow that confidence and it will transfer to them – if you can’t do that, they won’t see your service as valuable and you won’t make the cut on their list.

If you can communicate security it will help them feel safe.

How can you improve their position during this season of uncertainty?

Help them see you as an INVESTMENT, not an expense




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