January 20, 2022

Episode #47: How to Show Up as a Business Owner During Adversity

In this episode 47 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Macy and Loy discuss how to show up as a business owner during weird seasons of life. As adversity strikes the world, it can be hard to know what to do or how to approach your clients and customers.

Loy had some great insight at our team meeting the other day and we thought everyone could benefit, so we recorded a podcast on how to show up as a business owner during adversity.

Here’s a quick recap:

The truth about business is that you have to do whatever it takes – all the time. 

Typically, when things get tough, that’s when your best comes out.

Before that can happen, you have to DECIDE that you’re going to fight and win. 

So, let’s talk about it – what is success?

In GUIDE Culture, we talk about success as moving towards a noble cause.

Your circumstances may change, but that doesn’t mean your mission has to. You can still move towards your noble cause during a time of adversity. 

One of the worst things you can do is to remain stagnant.

You have to do SOMETHING that’s working towards your ultimate goal. Choose a needle moving activity, whether that’s reading, listening to a podcast, creating content, taking a course, learning a new skill, etc. 

In this time of adversity, it’s easy to “buffer.” We refer to buffering as the thing that you do when you know you need to do something productive, but you run into a road block and decide to put it off.

For example, when you’re working and the internet goes out, you’re tempted to stop and get a snack or scroll Instagram, but what you SHOULD do is go re-start the internet. 

One of the best things you can do during this time, is to SERVE. YOUR. PEOPLE.

For us, that means creating all the valuable (free) content for you – through mini trainings, podcasts, blog posts, etc. 

Another thing you must do during this time is to watch your input – we say it all the time, but during a time where the media is filled with negativity, you have to intentionally watch what you’re letting go into your mind. 

We too want to stay informed, but if you let that consume you, it will start to affect you in negative ways. 

Let us not forget that creativity can come from adversity. 

Look at Isaac Newton for example – he created the theory of GRAVITY when his university was closed due to the bubonic plague. 

Great things can come from this! 

So, what can you do right now to grow your business? What are some needle moving activities?

  1. Do a brain dump of ideas that will create massive activities.
  2. Go through your list of ideas and start developing content that can serve your people during this time. Bring the value.  
  3. Target different people – this could be a chance that you find new people to bring into your market. Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to generate income for themselves. If you have that opportunity for them, GO FIND THEM! 
  4. Continue to sell your product – people still NEED YOU. If you have something that can truly help people, it’s your duty to show up for them. 
  5. Grow yourself. We can’t say it enough! A consistent blindspot that we see is the BE-DO-HAVE concept that we talked about just the other day. You have to BE the right person. Take this time to start working on your mindset. 

These are all options to move towards your noble cause with the heart of truly serving people!




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