January 20, 2022

Episode #43: Pivoting and Perseverance with Shannan Monson

In episode 43 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Macy and Kat sit down Shannan Monson as she shares her vast experience with online courses and talks about her journey, which involves a lot of pivoting and persevering to provide insight for you.

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[2:00] Kathryn and Shannan tell two sides of a story

[5:04] Shannan talks “Pivots” – pivots are just simply a response to needs

Shannan describes what a champion mentality looks like – “you don’t need to choose between being a mom and a business owner”

[15:00] Shannan talks about her GUIDE Culture experience

When you’re the owner of a company, you learn how to be the leader of every department

Over giving can actually be a dis-service to others

[32:00] The biggest thing Shannan hears people saying about Instagram – has nothing to do with the numbers of followers you have, but the content and value you give




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