January 20, 2022

Episode #41: 3 Ways To Not Be Salesy

In episode 41 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Kathryn gives three ways to not be salesy. The other day on Instagram, she asked what makes YOU feel salesy and she received a huge response. She addresses those feelings and provides feedback on how you can sell your product or service without feeling wrong about it. 

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[1:20] Definition of “salesy”

[1:50] Clarification of what sales REALLY is and what it means to be a true salesperson

[3:00] Instagram responses when asked what makes YOU feel “salesy”

[4:20] This feeling is very common, so here’s how to fix it

[5:00] First way to not feel “salesy” – shift your mindset from scarce to abundant 

[7:15] Detach from the sale emotionally – you don’t NEED it

[8:15] Spoiler alert: just because your product or service is amazing, doesn’t make it a great fit for everyone

[9:10] If you force someone that’s not a good fit, they will end up costing you in the long run

[10:00] The second way to not feel salesy – make it all about them. Shift from “I” to “YOU”

[16:20] The third and final way to not be salesy – add value to their life




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