January 17, 2022

Episode #39: Are You Addicted to Discounts?

In episode 39 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Macy and Kathryn address something that many business owners and entrepreneurs may have a tendency of doing: DISCOUNTING. Are you addicted to discounts? Listen to find out why you should stop discounting your product or service. 

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[3:43] Why you shouldn’t give discounts in your business

[12:30] What is a discount?

[15:30] Qualify the right customers

Value Adds – going above your call of duty. There is a way to add value without giving away everything for free!

[26:30] If you think your product is expensive, other people will think its expensive too. If they see it as expensive, they won’t see it as valuable.

[28:55] How to get your people excited about your product

[31:19] What to do if everyone around you is selling the same product and offering a discount

[32:27] What do you gain by showing discipline and not discounting

[40:20] Q + A from Instagram




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