January 17, 2022

Episode #37: Mom Growth > Mom Guilt with Sara Stapleton

In episode 37 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, we sit down with GUIDE Culture graduate, and now Head of Coaches, Sara Stapleton. Sara is a stay at home mom that first took our training in July 2019. Since taking it two more times, becoming a GUIDE Culture coach and transitioning into the Head of Coaches role at GUIDE Culture, she has a renewed mindset and has changed the way she leads her home. One of Sara’s life missions is to create a positive family culture – she shares some of her greatest insights in this episode.

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[1:30] Meet Sara Stapleton

[5:02] The different stages of parenting

[7:43] The turning point for Sara

[9:26] The biggest change in Sara’s family since taking GUIDE Culture

[13:04] Sara’s mindset shift – “I couldn’t expect [my kids] to do something different, if I wasn’t doing something different.”

[16:21] What Sara’s children are gaining out of this

[17:08] What Sara would say to other moms that are struggling

[20:17] Sara’s mission




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