January 12, 2022

Episode #35: Interviewing The GUIDE Culture Way with Ashley Hand

In episode 35 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, we welcome GUIDE Culture graduate, Ashley Hand, onto the podcast to talk about interviewing the GUIDE Culture way.

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[:50-4:30] Meet Ashley Hand

[4:40] What is an interview? Spoiler: an interview is SELLING!

[5:40] Before the Interview

[7:18] Believe you’re a good fit for the position

[9:30] Why would anyone hire you?

[12:15] Storytelling in interviewing

[13:28] Do your research – coming with knowledge about the position, the company and the person interviewing you shows that you care

[14:53] Teamwork & Culture

[16:44] During the Interview

Go in with 3 main things that you want to get across during the interview

Focus on what THEY get out of your skills

[25:27] After the Interview

[26:29] How to handle it if you don’t get the job




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