January 12, 2022

Episode #34: Honor The Struggle

In episode 34 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Kathryn talks about honoring the struggle in your life and business and encourages a new mindset when it comes to tackling your goals.

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[2:06] The question Kathryn asked that got your attention

[2:26] Self Sabotage – how it happens and how to prevent it

[6:55] The reality to consider

[8:12] Everything is trainable – habits take discipline

You can re-wire your brain to perform a certain habit.

[9:45] Honor the struggle

[12:23] The people who become the person who they were made to be are those who embrace the struggle. They have a mindset that allows them to anticipate, welcome and leverage their struggle.

[12:50] Anticipate the struggle

[15:00] Welcome the struggle – “If you have the opportunity and blessing to serve, you don’t complain about the effort involved.”

[17:51] Leverage the struggle – turn it into something that makes a difference




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