January 12, 2022

Episode #33: 2 Super Common Myths Online Entrepreneurs Believe

In episode 33 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, we talk about two common myths that online entrepreneurs tend to believe.

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[1:50] Myth 1: Online skills is all that you need

Online skills = growing your audience, reaching new markets, ads, online marketing, social media, etc.

[2:58] The numbers on social media do not equal the numbers in your bank account

[3:53] If you aren’t converting the people that you currently have, I have a question for you…

[6:20] “Sales is slimy.”

[9:22] By growing your offline skills and using them online will actually grow your social media.

Offline skills = true people skills, captivating the right people, controlling conversations, having a champion mentality, having certainty in your beliefs, etc.

[16:10] Myth 2: Sharing is selling

[18:42] When you just share something, you’re really just an ambassador of it. When you’re an ambassador of something, you aren’t accountable to talk about the product really well.

[19:47] Example: Sara Blakely and SPANX




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