January 12, 2022

Episode #31: Selling On Stories

In episode 31 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Macy and Kat build on Episode 30 – if you haven’t listened to that episode first, click here. In this episode, they get into how to sell on Instagram stories specifically.

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[2:07] There’s a difference between sharing on stories and SELLING on stories – contrary to what you may have been taught or told, they are not the same!

Sharing is about YOU. Selling is about the other person.

[5:45] Start With Value – don’t water down your message with things that are commonplace, such as: “happy Monday!” or “man, it’s so cold out!”

People expect these things and they tune out when they hear them.

[7:52] How to to start with value

[10:13] Repeat Important Things

When someone hears something for the 7th time, they really hear it for the first!

Repetition is KING!

[15:55] What do I even talk about on stories?

Think about your input – what goes in, must come out.

[16:15] What is personal development?

For something to change you, you need to walk away feeling challenged. It doesn’t need to JUST be motivational. It needs to push you to take action in your life.

Stick with strong input that has credibility, not just what’s popular.

[19:50] Think about adding value to others as sowing seeds in a garden.

If the information helped you, chances are it could help someone else.

[22:37] People buy you – the best way to sell yourself is to not talk about yourself, but to add value to others.




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