December 30, 2021

Episode #30: How To Get Massive Results

In episode 30 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Macy welcomes our first ever guest, Kathryn Shubert. Kathryn is a GUIDE Culture Graduate turned co-CEO in 2020. Kat completely changed her life through taking GUIDE Culture, back when it was called Clearly Confident. In this episode, Macy and Kat sit down to talk about how to get massive results in your business.

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[1:43] Kathryn’s Story

[4:33] Change of heart – from “me-centered” to giving value to others

[9:37] Taking massive action to get massive results

Realize that doing one thing well in your life will overflow into other parts of your life

[10:04] Alignment

“Become the person that the person you’re looking for is looking for.” – Andy Stanley

[14:25] Important vs. Urgent Quadrant

Things that are urgent are time sensitive.

Things that are important pertain to your long term goals.

[14:58] Urgent and Important

[16:07] Urgent, Not Important

[16:48] Not Urgent and Not Important

[17:15] Important, Not Urgent – you want to live here!

[21:16] Stir the Pot

Stirring the pot means ACTION. It’s the important, but not urgent action – just do something!

Whatever you do today shows up in 60-90 days and shows up even bigger in a year from now. 

[29:10] Cold Messaging

If you are stirring the pot in a couple of areas and nothing is working, you need to do whatever it takes.

[33:22] Embrace Awkward




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