December 30, 2021

Episode #27: How To Make More In Your Salaried Job

In episode 27 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, we talk about three ways you can get paid more when you are in a salaried job. A lot of times people think that because they’re in a job that’s paid through salary, that they aren’t in control of how much money they make. We’d challenge you to think differently and implement a few of the mindset and attitude pieces that we discuss in this episode!

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[4:52] What are your value adds?

If you’re an entrepreneur, your value adds are things you give without it costing any extra.

If you’re in a salaried job, your value adds are things that aren’t necessarily a part of your job description, but you have it and you offer it anyways.

[6:30] Put value in, so that value can come out

[8:50] Recognize, Identify and Elevate your tilt

Your tilt is what makes you different from someone else that may do the same thing that you do.

Your tilt is based on your experiences and your knowledge.

[13:15] Have the right mindset and attitude

This is a tilt within itself. 

When you have a positive mindset and positive attitude, you become a mood meter, meaning you raise the mood up when you walk into a room.

Be a “good finder.” Live with optimism and look for the good in people and situations around you.

[15:11] Talk Triggers




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