January 10, 2023

EPISODE 264: A New Way to Look at Goal Setting

It’s 2023. 

A new year. The time of year when goals are set and usually fall by the wayside. Did you know that only 5% of people who set goals for themselves actually achieve those goals? The number one reason people don’t achieve their goals is because it’s hard. Goals typically stretch you, and you have to change things to achieve them. Change goes against the natural of what’s comfortable, what you’re used to and who you are. In order to reach a goal that is worthy of your calling, you have to override the natural and do the hard thing. 

When you set your goals, you know what you need to do but usually you’re just not doing it. You see this mountain that seems insurmountable and just sit at its base instead of climbing it step by step, building your dreams brick by brick.

In Casey Graham’s Decade of Destiny, Casey helps you to see WHO and WHERE you want to be in 10 years, and then how to shift your mentality to reach those goals in 2.5% increments. Did you know that 3 months is 2.5% of a decade? Instead of setting annual goals that you’ll likely give up on in a month, what if you set quarterly goals and got 2.5% better every 3 months? Compound that improvement, and you’ll be unrecognizable on December 31, 2023.

Let’s unpack 3 steps to setting goals:

  1. Identify your goals

Who do you want to be in 10 years? 1 year? 3 months? Casey Graham breaks the areas of your life down into 3 categories: Fulfilling Relationships, Exponential Energy, and Compounding Wealth, 

You’re going to show up somewhere 10 years from now – what can you do now to get there on purpose?

Today, let’s decide that our goal is to be a stronger version of yourself.

  1. Identify your obstacles

An obstacle is defined as anything that hinders your progress. We tend to bow to our obstacles, give in to the resistance. What if you didn’t this time? What would happen if you looked your obstacles in the face. Anticipate what your struggles may be. If we’re talking about becoming physically stronger, a few of those obstacles may be: 1. My kids are distracting me during a workout 2. I can’t do all of the exercises I see the trainer do and 3. I can’t be consistent in my workouts.

  1. Identify your strategies

You’ve pinpointed your goals and the things that either mentally or physically may keep you from achieving them. Now comes the fun part – how do you plow through those obstacles? You set strategies in place to set you up for success. Your kids are distracting you during your workout? Why don’t you let them work out with you? If that’s not an option – maybe 30 minutes of free play while you get your exercise in. You can’t do all of the exercises? That’s ok – your strategy is going to be to MODIFY the exercises until you build up the strength to get better each week. Your kids have sporting events 4 nights a week? We’re going to spend their warm up time before the game walking the track for 30 minutes to get movement in. The goal here isn’t to solve every issue – but it is your responsibility to see your reasons WHY you could rationalize letting an obstacle defeat you and be ready with a defense when that time comes. 

It’s possible to become unrecognizable. You may not perfectly execute every attempt at doing iit. But can you do one thing better? Modify one thing to become better than the person you were yesterday. Absolutely. 

At Guide Culture, we’re on a mission to not just empower people to make more sales, but equip them to do it better and faster than ever before. Our version of winning looks like watching you lead your prospects to the right solution for them, lead your team to a common goal, or lead your family to grow into the humans you know they can be. We believe sales is bigger than that slimy feeling you say you get when you pitch a new prospect. It’s about loving and serving your people well. And learning how to do it is not something you can afford to push to the side anymore. 

If you’d like to learn more about our next cohort this February, shoot us a DM with the word BLOG at @theguideculture on Instagram!

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