December 27, 2022

EPISODE 262: 2022 Wrap Up

2022 has come and gone! At Guide Culture, we don’t spend much time looking backwards, choosing to move forward full steam ahead instead. But by spending some time reflecting on our year, we get the chance to grow, innovate, and develop our overall effectiveness moving forward.

Our coaches and students talk a lot about “going up the spiral”. The thing about a spiral is that early on, when you’re at the bottom of the spiral and the beginning of your growth journey, it feels like every brick you lay and every step you take is so different and monumental. You’re making big changes on your way to being unrecognizable. The longer that you’re in the game and the further up the spiral you go, the changes become more subtle. It feels like your growth is plateauing when in reality, your consistency is still driving you up the spiral – you just need to see it from a different perspective. 

We have a lot of consistent numbers year over year. Most of our style of posts, podcast topics, etc. are the same. But when you take a look at the prism from a different angle, you see that you’re forever refining yourself and your business. You’re steadily climbing the spiral in subtle ways with growth that’s not always obvious.

We’ve learned a lot this year. We’ve celebrated some major highlights and grown from some major disappointments. Join us as we celebrate some big milestones from 2022:

1.1M in revenue

21,724 IG followers

5.48M IG impressions 

18,410 on our email list

238K podcast downloads

Those numbers are cool. But what’s even more awesome are these right here – the ones that show the impact on who we’re here to serve – people. 

239 students served

174 Academy members (we see you climbing that spiral, fam!)

29 active coaches

8 members on our Guide Culture team

We are so thankful to celebrate 2022 with you and can not wait to climb that spiral with you in 2023!





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