EPISODE 260: Does AI Help You Sell?

Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) refers to the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. These tasks vary, but can include visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages (Oxford Languages).

To many, the advantages of artificial intelligence far outweigh the disadvantages: reductions in human error, 24/7 availability, and unbiased decisions, to name a few. Those things are great, and incredibly helpful in our fast paced world.

Here are 3 things AI CAN’T help you with:

  1. AI can’t help you gain life commissions

There’s no doubt that a bot can sell you on something. It can help you make an unbiased decision. It can have a conversation in a DM. But does using artificial intelligence give you the confidence to have a hard conversation with your husband? Does it give you the heart to console your daughter after she’s been bullied at school? Those in your life are too important to only look at these conversations like AI does direct messages. Sales skills are life skills and they permeate every aspect of your life. 

  1. AI can’t help you persuade for good

The word persuade gets a bad rap. Some find it icky, gross, slimy. But when you persuade for GOOD, you’re guiding others into the best decision for them. Persuasion is a presentation that comes from the root word gift. A well crafted presentation is a gift to your audience – you’re not just throwing words out and hoping something sticks. You’re considerate of their time and are giving them organized thoughts so they can make the best decision for themselves. It’s an incredible and freeing feeling.

  1. AI can’t help you win a full life approach

Artificial intelligence is created from data collection and preparation. These models use various algorithms to recognize patterns in the data and draw conclusions in a manner that emulates human expertise (intel.com). AI doesn’t take into account the belief that helping others win is what helps YOU win. Sales is not transactional – it’s a full life approach. Wanting to see your customers win involves your heart, not just an algorithm. Persuasion is a lifestyle – it’s how you use your voice, your hands, and your face. It’s more than product knowledge, it’s showing your customers how they can win because of how your product helps them. 

Macy + Kat discuss artificial intelligence and it’s ability to help you sell in their latest podcast

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