November 3, 2022

EPISODE 254: Let’s Talk Elections

On today’s episode, we’re talking about elections. Believe it or not, we’re not getting political. However, we’re using the elections as an analogy to prove why all content is sales content. Macy starts by discussing why analogies are amazing sales tools. Then, she explains why people to think like you if you’re running for a position. 

This is how she makes a case for why every content is sales content, and why it is important to churn out content before election day in order to secure the vote. Similarly to making a sale, an election is all about changing someone’s perspective long before election day. 

And if you’re planning to launch a product online, this episode is for you. Tune in and learn how you can snag a few secrets and practices from the way politicians prepare their campaigns prior to election day in order to apply it to your very own launch.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How analogies are amazing sales tools
  • Why you want people to think like you if you’re running for a position
  • Why every content is sales content 
  • Why changing someone’s perspective happens long before election day
  • Online launch day as compared to election day
  • How can you get your face in front of as many people before launch day?

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Hello Guide Culture School of Sales fam Macy McNeely here all by myself to record you an episode that I’m really excited about specifically for a few reasons. And we’ll get to that in just a second, we are going to be talking about elections. Yes, my friend, this is the first week of November if you’re listening to this live, and we have a big election coming up our midterm elections coming up electing our House of Representatives and our senators. And I want to talk about it, believe it or not, I’m just feeling really refreshed and excited this morning recording this for you, my husband and I, we just went on a little quick three day getaway just to recharge, I feel like I caught up on sleep. And when you’re rested, you can be more creative.

So I’m just fired up about what we have coming up. And honestly, the rest of the quarter, but life is just so good. I’m so thankful. Kat is actually out of town. She flies out today to speak for a company she has been contracted to speak for two events, one in October, and then one in February. And I’m just so proud of her we have done so many reps. There’s been lots of FaceTiming lots of voice memos, lots of stage time for her lots of just practice and watching her put this hard work into what she’s about to do. I think it’s tomorrow that she does it. It’s a big deal. I mean, she’s workshopping with a group of people basically, all day long, which sounds like a lot. But what’s crazy is we can teach school of sales and just go all day, every day so easily. So it’s just doing it effectively doing it well getting the right engagement, getting the right workshops, getting the right coaching in, and she’s gonna nail it, like there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s going to nail it. And so it just feels good to send her off knowing that she’s ready. So proud of her. Okay, let’s talk about elections. While we don’t get political, here it guide culture in any capacity. What we do love to do is use commonly known things as examples to prove a point. That is basically an analogy or a metaphor, or an example or a demonstration. And these are amazing sales tools to help kind of show something versus telling something. And that’s exactly what I wanted to talk about today when it comes to an election. And it’s something that we have all experienced.

And we all kind of know what it’s like, we know the feeling of it. We know what it’s like watching people debate and watching people really sell themselves ultimately, to get you to vote for them. And if you think about sales, okay, sales is not just asking me for the money is not just asking for the vote, okay? It’s also really changing people’s perspective. Ultimately, in my opinion, that’s a huge piece of sales. If you are running for a position, and you want someone to vote for you, you want to make sure that they think like you and are on your side of the table in terms of, you know, big issues. And you might be approaching a podium or approaching a speech and knowing Hey, it’s 50/50 50% of these people are on my side and 50% or not, it’s my goal to take that 50% Who are not as many as I possibly can, and just hopefully, slowly shift their perspective, is it going to happen in one moment, maybe, but probably not. Really, every time you are speaking, every time you show your face every time you were interviewed, you are placing a seed in someone’s mind, a seed in someone’s heart, to change their perspective.

And a huge part of this is like your content as well. In order for someone to follow you and to agree with you and to be on your side of the table. Every time you show your face. It’s an opportunity to put a seed in someone’s heart, a seed in someone’s mind, to maybe change their perspective and it can be over like anything depending on what you sell, can be you know that you believe that? appearance is very important because you sell makeup or you believe that you know clean living is absolutely critical and you sell non toxic beauty products, whatever that looks like. But, you know you have a handful people that watch you that aren’t so sure they’re on the fence. They’re like, I love my windex like I could take it or leave it. I Like You I follow you because I like you I’m just kind of like, I hear what you’re saying. But I still want to use my, you know, Clorox bleach in my toilet when I clean, even though it’s toxic. And I know that you believe in non toxic and so every time you show up, you were selling a perspective. And this is why we really believe that every content that you do is sales content. A lot of times people think sales content is just a call to action. It’s a call to action, and it’s a buy here, click the link in my bio to buy here’s what the program is listing, you know, all the facts and features.

And it’s really not sales content at all sales content is, is really changing the way someone sees things. I love webinars, because really a whole webinar, the whole point is to help someone see a new perspective. Um, some people might see that as not being valuable as like, oh, that’s just a sales pitch. And maybe it is. But I really believe that changing someone’s mind is valuable. helping them see something differently, changing their perspective is valuable. And knowing that you can really approach content, knowing that when you help someone see something differently, that is valuable, okay, let’s go to an election. Let’s just think about this for a second. A campaign for an election. It starts long before election day, long before you line up at the polls and cast your vote. It starts years, sometimes decades, sometimes a lifetime. People spend and dedicate their entire life, making their whole life a campaign, they make every decision starting in, you know, high school, they ultimately want to run for the President of the United States one day, right? They really see their whole life as a campaign. Candidates are doing speeches, they are going on like the road, they are doing interviews, they are on their social, they are speaking in a way that is designed to sell themselves, and to get people to think in a certain way to vote for them on election day. That’s the goal right?

Now, if you think about election day, when you go and vote, you are not deciding who you’re going to vote for. You’re not driving to the polls thinking, Okay, who are the candidates again? Who am I going to vote for? I can’t decide. Let me listen to a few more things real quick. You already know. In fact, you might have made your decision, you know, months ago when you heard one of their speeches. And Election Day is is simply the day that you cast the vote. It is simply the day that you show your decision. You’ve already made the decision a long time ago,but you show and take action on the decision on election day. So I want to compare this to online business. I’m afraid that a lot of people see kind of launch day or maybe you call it open cart day, or maybe it’s open cart week, the day that you’re like, Hey, I’m open for enrollment, and maybe you’re closing enrollment on a certain day. And so you have this window of time to get people enrolled in your program, or maybe a sale is about to happen, okay? And you’re like, Oh, my goodness, the sales amounts. And I’ve got to get as many people as I possibly can to purchase this on the sale day, right? And they put so many eggs in their basket of this week or this day or this deadline for people to buy.

But you see, I would compare that open cart week or that deadline day that launch day. I would compare that to election day. So Election Day for online entrepreneurs is launch day, it’s the day you just ask people to make the decision to show their decision to demonstrate their decision. Now contrary to what most people lead, believe, launch day is not the day that the sale happens. The sale actually happens during your campaign, the in betweens of the sales or the in betweens of the open carts, I know we open cart, like four times a year. And we know that that four times a year that’s just collecting the sales that’s not making the sales. We make the sales, through the campaigning through conversations over time through content, through selling beliefs through changing perspectives. A lot of that happens on this podcast. And it’s just like an election, election day is simply collection day. The work has already been done. In fact the candidate It’s who are running for something, they on election day, they are probably sitting in a room just waiting for the results to come in the work has already been done the hay in the barn, there’s nothing else for them to do. They just sit, and they wait.

And honestly, that’s a little bit about what it should look like for you. Like, of course you’re in conversations, you’re posting different type of content, you’re handling objections, you have much more stronger call to actions, you are laying out the details of the program, maybe a little bit more on launch day, but ultimately, like the work has kind of already been done. If you feel like you’re having a launch that’s not going well. It’s not the launch. It’s not the webinars, not the emails, it’s Hey, what did you do on the campaign? How was your sales messaging on the campaign? Were you just teaching? Were you just, you know, giving how to content? Were you just giving tutorials? Or were you changing the way people think through sales content, your content can be in is sales content, while it’s adding value, and that is what your campaign is? It’s adding value while you are giving sales content? We see. So often entrepreneurs are putting all their eggs into one basket and so much weight goes into it, whether it’s that launch or the big discount. And listen, I personally know what it’s like to do a launch and to have zero sales. Because I use someone else’s strategy. I obsess over the launch itself and not the campaign.

And then we said, you know, screw it, we’re gonna go back to what we know, which is doing our sales messaging and changing people’s perspectives. We and we told stories with story of April 2020, when we did a big way webinar. And it’s like, it’s it’s so crazy, because you almost go radio silent when you work on a webinar or you work on a launch. You just go in a dark room and Right, right, right. When in reality, that’s when you need to go be in front of people think about like someone who is campaigning, like truly, they are out in front of people as much as possible, up until election day. And that’s what I would encourage you to do is like how do I get my face in front of as many people as possible before the deadline before launch day. So as we come upon this election day, I would just encourage you to kind of put your business glasses on and just think about like a candidate’s journey. And think about like, okay, when did they really start seeing themselves as a candidate when they really start trying to change people’s perspective? Has my perspective changed because of them? What is their sales message been? Have they been defensive? Have they been confident? Have they had kind of like that concerned?

Look that concern I call it concerned eyebrows on their face? Or do they? Do they speak from truth? Or do they speak from fear? Like, I want you to just really take it in with business perspective, not just you know, election perspective. I’m sure you are an entrepreneur, you take in almost everything as it is a business perspective. But I just really want you to kind of turn up that dial this week. As you notice what kind of plays out in terms of the candidates and did their sales message work? We will see when the results come in. I would love to know if this was helpful for you. If it is please message me on Instagram at the guy to culture. just message me election so I can know that you came from that episode. And then we can talk about what was helpful for you or if you had any specific questions about the episode please let me know I love being in conversation and being able to talk to you and make sure that you feel good about your business and I can help in any way that I can. Alright fam. We have an amazing rest of your week and we will talk very soon.





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