September 30, 2022

EPISODE 249: MEN ONLY- what hunting and sales have in common

Why are there so many women in School of Sales? Loy is here to help tackle that question in this special Men Only episode. Today, Loy is peeling back the curtain on how hunting and what it has to do with sales. He starts by discussing the role of men in society. Then, he explains why there currently are so many women in School of Sales and how Kat and Macy had a large part in that. Loy also makes a great case on how the secret sauce of School of Sales is so powerful, and why more men need to learn these skills. He also challenges men to think about the kinds of personal development they’ve done or are currently invested in. Finally, Loy asks a crucial question – does sales or leadership come first? If you’re ready to discover a new perspective and take yourself to the next level, this episode is for you. Tune in and find out how School of Sales can help men like you develop and progress.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The role of men in society
  • Why are there so many women in School of Sales?
  • What kind of personal development are you doing or have you done?
  • Does sales or leadership come first?

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It was 1991. I’m 34 years old, sitting in a Promise Keepers conference. There are 70,000 men in the Georgia Dome, screaming and yelling and worshipping to our maximum capacity, we’re filled with all the things of a true evangelistic worship service, 70,000 men only, and it was powerful. And something that opened my eyes to that event, was the role of men in society. It’s man’s job, our job, to lead our businesses, to lead churches, to lead in our communities, in our families, in our friendships, it is our role to lead in the right direction. And with that role of men? What skills do we need? Who do we need to be to be that right leader? If you have daughters, they certainly need to see how a man is supposed to treat a woman. If you have sons, they certainly need to know how they’re supposed to be in their groups around the opposite sex and all that. It’s a man’s role to fulfill all of this because that’s who everyone is looking toward, for this.

In this program that we built, the Guide Culture, this is Loy Day, by the way. And I really have a heart for me and I know the men can really use what we’re teaching at Guide Culture. And we’re going to talk just for a minute about what the program is, how it was developed, why it was developed, and why there are so many girls in this program right now. The girls are in there, because Macy and Kat are so powerful, they are so good at what they do, they’ve taken this material and taken it to their market, and their market is swarming over, it is buying it and buying into it. And they are winning with this material and is designed for men to win with this material as well. And so the question is, what can these girls teach me? And the answer is, the girls can teach you a lot because this is also me teaching this and what is my credentials? Where did I come from having had I know that this will work? Well, this program that we’re teaching is something that I developed over my entire career. I started selling insurance. Well, I started the sales process learning and get excited about what sales is all about. Before I started my insurance agency, in 1990, I started this thing as a scratch agency, not one single policy on the books. And I started selling one policy at a time. Then I started hiring staff. And I started training the staff with this philosophy that we’re teaching Guide Culture, long story short, my son in laws came into the business about seven years ago. And they learn this material as well. I was teaching them this material before they came into the business. This is how powerful is the secret sauce is a special program full of secret sauces.

And I made sure all my kids heard, it learned it, those who are willing to really get involved and do it. But long story short is I have now exited this agency, the boys, my son in laws are running it. So if you can say taken something from scratch from not a single policy on the books, to build it to about a $20 million agency, and then exiting the business. A success based on this Guide Culture sales principles, then I would say that’s a successful run at it. And the family raising the kids, there’s so many things that came up around raising kids built on this material. And yes, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve learned a lot of things that are wrong with me that I need to correct that I’m still working on. We’re always working on things. But there’s also been a lot of good things that have been done. But the program is solid in is really designed for men with the the women should not get this far ahead. There’s 150 women in the continuation program right now, and it is working, they’re winning. And the men need to get involved, my heart is to do that. So I’m going to run the lab. So when you come through this program, this cohort, cohort 34, you will be coming to my lab, I will be your coach, it will be all men in the lab, much like Promise Keepers, except a smaller group. And we’re going to grow and learn and talk about man things and what we need to do in our lives and how to grow. And speaking of growth, what kind of personal development are you doing? Or have you done? The one thing that I have learned insane through my career is the people who are on top, who are doing well who are real leaders in whatever it is that they do. They partake in personal development. They’re always growing, they’re always learning something, maybe it’s a book, maybe it’s podcasts, maybe it’s a course, maybe it’s in another degree, it’s always something that people are on top or doing something to stay ahead of the pack.

And this is one personal development program that everyone needs. And the thing is, it doesn’t matter what level you are at, because any development program is really designed to pull out of you what’s in there. And then a little more, to help you discover something new, a new perspective, a new idea, may what is one new idea worth, if you’re at any level, in what you do. And you can pick up one new idea, one new perspective is worth much more than that, then the time it took and the cost of the course it took of the cost of the course you took. So the idea is to pull out a view. So it doesn’t matter where you are, there’s something to pull out. And if you get into a program and really buy in and do the work and try it will pull something out of you. The next question is, which came first sales or leadership because there’s so many problems that people want to go find the leadership program, I want to be a leader. And my question to you is, which comes first sales or leadership? Does leadership fall under the sales umbrella, or the sales fall under the leadership umbrella. And I will contend to you that sales is the top of the umbrella and leadership falls under that. And here’s why. Sales is psychological. There’s a certain say we don’t sell people things. I know there’s a misconception around sales like the car salesman or someone out there beaten the streets trying to sale, but I can rest you rest assured to you that your top politicians who seem to be at the top of everything, these congressmen, senators, the top politicians, they are beating the streets and they are selling their message. They are in sales. They may call themselves a congressman. They may call themselves a leader, but they are first and foremost, a salesperson. And if you are a leader in anything, you must sell your vision or you’re not leading anyone. It’s a sale.

That’s what sales is, psychology. Sales is understanding how people think and how to lead them into the next decision. And how to close on that decision. What’s there between sales and marketing? Marketing people have all friends is just hey, give me a call. Hey, here I am. This is fine. Give me a call, a salesperson forces a decision. A salesperson gets a little more direct and forces a decision. So which is more important leadership or sales, you have to sale, you have to sale first before you’re going to lead anything and to understand the psychology around sales. And understand the mindset of the noble profession of sales because we’re all in sales. And if us men if we can make it a noble thing, we’re doing the right thing for the right people for the right reason. And then we’re encouraged and inspiring them to move forward with that or to follow along with that. That is a big, big sale and understand that psychology and then to practice it is how we do it. None of us, I mean, many people like to shoot guns, or play golf, or play tennis, or whatever it is that you do. But you pray at this end, you probably get some instructions on how to do this and then go practice. Well, your message, your communication message is exactly the same way.

And in this society, you hunt by communicating, we don’t go out and hunt the deer anymore for food. We all want that for pleasure and fun, but we put food on the table through communication. And to strengthen that skill is one of the best things that you can do. So I highly encourage you get in this game, get in this lab, to see what cohort 34 can look like for you, join in with the men. And let’s start a movement, a movement of men leading and inspiring people in a noble direction. In setting the tone and the standard, and the culture of all the cultures, environments that were in this positive can do encouraging culture that us men are called to set in our environment.

So I really hope that you will consider joining in this next cohort, we don’t know where it’s going from here, my heart is truly to get the men involved. And to get a good program, a good movement going, have this solid, solid material. Speaking of the material, I was speaking with someone yesterday who’s looking to join cohort 34. And I pulled up the workbook and I couldn’t help but tell him the story of how about once a year we stop and go through the workbook and we reteach it, you know, maybe edited out some and reteach it in every time when I go through that maybe I haven’t looked at it in a year. And I just say wow, this content is so solid, it is some of the best content you will ever put yourself through.

So I highly, highly encourage you to see what this is really all about. Your wife trying to share it with you is not the same as you doing it yourself and learning and growing and putting yourself in the hot seat. So if you have any questions around this, or if you want to talk more about it, feel free to reach out to us at or Instagram is the GuideCulture, on LinkedIn you can find me at Loy Day.





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