September 28, 2022

EPISODE 245: The Next Right Thing

It’s time for another car chat with Kat as the deadline for the final cohort of School of Sales comes to a close. In today’s short but sweet episode, Kat shares a story about why you’re able to get something out of every investment that you make. She also shares the slow but important process of laying each brick at a time and the benefits that come from being patient. Kat also speaks to the point of allowing yourself to just be and relaxing into the fact that the content and lessons you gain from investing in the School of Sales will be within your reach for a lifetime. This episode is an important reminder of the power of investing, taking one small step at a time, and the rewards that patience can bring.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why you can get something out of every investment you make
  • Why you should let yourself just be
  • Becoming better than you are today only takes one step
  • The 4 pillars that are wrapped up in School of Sales

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It’s time for a car chat with Kat. And this might be a quick one, you know, this week is the deadline for the enrollment into the final cohort of School of Sales. And there are conversations happening with individuals who are saying, man, like I want my business to grow, I don’t want things to feel the same this time next year, all that kind of stuff. And one particular comment just came in, and I think more than her needs to hear the response. Because if I think that to me, myself, three or four years ago, I did need to hear this. And she’s simply said, you know, I think that I’m using the, quote, excuse, it’s not the right time for me or not right now, to just kind of push off what I know I want to do, which is to grow into learn how to sell and all this stuff. And to clarify, you know, why was she worried about or she said that that was an excuse. And what she really thinks is that, that this just might not work for her, that she’s going to try something else, and it’s not going to work. And when we asked, you know, what makes you think it’s not going to work. She said, well, I’ve just done trainings before, I’ve done the investments, I’ve showed up for things and they just have not worked. And so she said deep down, it really comes down to believing in myself that I can do this like that there, I can reinvest in myself, I can try again. And that is such an, like a self aware assessment of a situation because honestly, any investment you make, you can get something out of period, I hope that you make investments for the rest of your life into yourself. And if just one on one, I would tell you, in my honest opinion, some investments are not amazing. Like, I mean, we have made $20,000 investments, $30,000 investments, $25,000 investments, and I am not saying that to brag, because we laugh at ourselves, they’re not amazing experiences, there is something to gain from it. And, you know, I was just reading a book that Lloyd recommended called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. And it talks about what is the phrase, they use it something like, cool down or something cool down. And what he’s saying is like, sometimes the way that your brain is wired is when you try so hard to make every little thing work that you hear from every single training, it actually stops your brain from absorbing it. It’s kind of like when you sit down for multiple choice tests in school. And for some reason, you’re kind of freezing and questioning yourself, even though you studied. And your teacher says something like go with your gut, your gut knows the answer. It’s because you subconsciously do know what to do. But your logical rational brain is overthinking it. And that’s what happens when you kind of try too hard with it. When you walk out of the classroom. Your brains like oh my gosh, like I remember it now because your brains relaxed. So all that to say is a couple of things. One, release the pressure of something like incredible happening within, you know, a week of you learning something new, or within like, the first training session, I want you to open up your brain and really, I know that the advice relaxed, like, hey, just relax, that you want to punch me like I’m not saying that. It’s I know that’s annoying. What I’m saying is let yourself just kind of be and know, especially with something like school sales, you own the content, once you purchase it like it is yours to revisit for the rest of your life. And it’s timeless. It’s not trendy, you’re not going to miss out on the latest Tik Tok trend if you don’t, you know absorb every single word. Because you can’t absorb every single word. It’s impossible. It’s going to take repetition, it’s going to take time to build a skill. And, in fact, I’m not even getting to the point I wanted to make. I gotta say one more story. We were just at our coach retreat, and one of our just incredible, longest seniority coaches named Shelley. She was saying how she really loved when Macy would talk about how many reps it takes to really become good at sales, which means the practice, the drilling, the listening to the content, and just being patient with the process that patients will really relax you. She said the reason I really respected that, and I knew that Guide Culture was the place for me is because she is a expert, professional pianist. She plays the piano. And she’s literally an expert at it. And she said, I know I spent over a decade, learning the piano. And if someone had told me that I could learn to be an expert pianists in 30 days, I wouldn’t have believed them. And I know that every skill takes time. And, you know, the good news is that sales skills will not take you a decade to learn, they may they’ll take you your whole life to become the best you could possibly be. And the cool thing is, it is becoming better than you are today takes one step, becoming better than you are today takes one step, it takes one rep to be better than you are now, and want you to have the patience with yourself, I want you to have the confidence, the certainty of knowing that where you are going is better than where you are now. And I’m saying that because you’re a growth minded person. Because you’re someone who is moving in the right direction. One of our favorite beliefs and sayings is that success is the pursuit of your God given gift, it is moving toward your purpose. Okay, it’s about being in motion. And getting these tiny wins as little bursts of confidence that make this journey, this process, so fun. So want you to release yourself from the pressure of everything working out perfectly right away. And for you knowing the answer right away, because you might not honestly, what you might gain is something even better. And that is the strength that comes with reps, the strength that comes with confidence, day by day, keeping promises to yourself. That’s actually what makes you a kind of person that people want to follow in the footsteps of they look to you as the example because you’re walking the walk. So just want you to think about who am I going to become? What tree? What kind of oak tree am I growing into, in this process of literally learning sales skills of all things. But I want you to exchange sales skills for the idea of getting people bought in. What would it look like for you to become the person that really just almost wraps your arm or arms around people, metaphorically and says like, hey, you’re not alone. Like I’ve been where you are, and you’re not alone. Like let’s do this together. That’s what leadership looks like. And that’s what sales skills really look like and what you learn in School of Sales. It’s just, it’s the tangible, it’s so much. I don’t know if you know this, but there are four pillars. There’s the mindset and attitude pillar, which is huge. The heart and emotion pillar. There’s the like, and trust pillar. And then there’s skill and technique. So a lot of what gets talked about is the skill and technique pillar. But all of this gets wrapped up into really one holistic approach into who you are as a salesperson, and how do you conduct yourself in conversations? How do you think about conversations? How can you get a message and feel relaxed and feel like man, I actually know what to do. And because of this certainty, this knowing, I can actually handle this self selflessly. I can handle this with confidence. And that translates through your voice, it translates through the videos you make. And it’s so worth overcoming your past failures and trainings that didn’t work out and the things that you just maybe disappointed yourself. And it’s also real. I wish I could just sit here and tell you all the silly things I invested in before I was a part of Guide Culture. The books that I thought were it cause I didn’t even listen to podcast back then. Right? And I just thought, you guys, I literally bought a camera, a $500 camera, thinking that better pictures were gonna be the answer for me that oh, well, like, you know, when you go on this vacation, it’s going to be like interesting enough to get people’s attention. Those are the places that I’ve come from. It’s embarrassing, but it’s real because it’s human nature. And let me just tell you, it is so possible to overcome your own past kind of awkwardness in business, and really bloom and blossom into who you’re meant to be. And be that example for others. I just want you to have faith in yourself, and that there is a plan and the purpose for your life. and it does take discomfort. And in that face, stepping into what you’re supposed to do next, because you’re not always going to know exactly what to do exactly what to post exactly what to say. What you must be comfortable with is taking one step into the next right thing and creating a new pattern for yourself a new pattern of belief. And every time you take that step, it’s like laying that next break into your sidewalk or your path. And one day you’re gonna look back and be like, dang, like, I took so many individual steps, I laid so many individual breaks. One at a time, they felt so little. They felt so purpose. Listen, it purposeless, they felt like they weren’t going anywhere and look how far I’ve come. That is what’s possible for you. When you just take the next step into the next right thing and know that you’re growing and that you are successful. With each step that you take. Really, I really hope to see you in the next cohort of School of Sales, we will be looking for your name. If you have any questions specifically for your situation. You know that you can always direct message us on Instagram and just say the next right thing and I’ll know exactly who you are and where you’ve come from. And I look forward to hearing, from you are seeing your name pop up.





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