September 22, 2022

EPISODE 244: 3 Trap’s Entrepreneurs Fall in (Confirmed by Kat’s Husband’s new Business Experience)

In today’s conversation with Kat, she’s sharing 3 important traps to be cautious of as an entrepreneur and business owner. Kat’s recent experience of witnessing her husband start his own business is the inspiration behind today’s topic. From feeling like you need a bunch of assets, such as a logo, before you can even make a sale, to the more surprising trap of putting learning before selling, this episode is a must for any business owner, especially if you are just starting out. Kat also explains why selling and sales skills is the key to making any marketing tactic work, and why it’s so important to sharpen your ability to sell especially if you’re ready to grow your business and reach more clients.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The trap of feeling like you need all these things before you make a sale
  • What happens when you focus more on other activities instead of selling
  • The mistake of putting learning before selling
  • Why cold calling still and other marketing tactics will work if you have sales skills
  • Why your ability to sell is all it takes for someone to make a decision

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