September 22, 2022

EPISODE 243: Don’t Listen if You Want to Make a Million Dollars

Inspired by the wrap of the Guide Culture coaches retreat, Macy sits down to share a vital lesson in business – the importance of mastering sales skills and being obsessed with selling and the people you’re selling to. During the coaches retreat, the attendees went around the room sharing how they individually found Guide Culture. This leads to the heart of today’s topic, which is building the belief in enthusiasm through selling. Macy shares important mentalities to have as a business owner, from needle-moving action steps to the patience of taking things “brick by brick.” Then, Macy shares why one of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur and business owner is to master sales skills and become obsessed with selling. This short and sweet episode is for any business owner who is ready to reach higher levels of success and revenue, so tune in and take notes.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Recapping our coaches retreat and how our attendees found Guide Culture
  • The mentality of “stirring the pot” and how it fits in with the “brick by brick” mentality
  • How to know if you’re doing the “stir the pot” activities and how to know that something will come from it
  • The belief in enthusiasm and how selling builds this belief
  • Why mastering sales skills is one of the best things you can do

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We just wrapped up our coaches retreat. Now we have Guide Culture School of Sales coaches, these coaches, they lead the labs, and they are a massive cornerstone of School of Sales and of the business itself. They carry the spirit, they are the face, they are the leaders, to our students, they carry our mission of no student left behind, their hearts are just incredible. I mean, we were sitting in a circle one night, and they were just like, we need it, you know, have a 30 day touch point and a 90 day touch point with all of our students and just like, their hearts to help people win for the long haul, is something I just cannot believe that we have, I’m just so unbelievably thankful. We have a head of coaches, her name is Sarah. And she is like, deep in their life with them. She knows what’s going on. She knows them individually, she knows their struggles, she knows where they’re winning. And she is the one that talks to them the absolute most. So we alternate each year, one year, we have a retreat, the next year, we have a conference. And the retreat is definitely a connection point, like that is the point of a retreat. Whereas the conference is more like practice, and you know, sales, growth, and all that good stuff. So this year, we had our retreat, we go to a gorgeous lake house, we have amazing food and a pool and a dock that we sit on, and there’s a trail to go on walks. And it’s just amazing. And I loved this year, because I mean, I really got to just sit and connect with the coaches, hear about their businesses hear about their lives, hear about just what’s going on with them personally, and also kind of their thoughts on School of Sales and how it could be better and what could be tweaked. And it just was so amazing to get to love on them in a in a whole person way. So at one point, we were eating dinner, just sitting in a circle outside on the deck and someone said, hey, I want to know where everyone found Guide Culture. And I was like, oh, yeah, I kind of knew their stories for the most part. But you know, it’s always fun to hear again, kind of where everybody came from. And I was honestly, shocked. I was shocked. Because it was it felt at the time when I first heard it, it all felt so random. You know, I have a list right here of what a few people said. Someone said, oh, it’s when you did, you know, that call for you know, this mastermind or this, you know, company or whatever. And it was just a free call with a handful of people on it. Someone said that they followed Living with Landon for a mac and cheese recipes specifically and then Landon happened to tag me, she’s a blogger. She happened to tag me in her stories because I was I went to an in person event of hers. And so she said that, actually this was Sarah Stapleton, our head of coaches. Okay, literally the one of the most important people of Guide Culture found us from following Living with Landon for a mac and cheese recipe. Can you even handle this? Landon tagged me? She just kind of tapped on my name. And she said that I just looked interesting with Loi, my dad and I kind of talking about sales all the time. So she started following. Someone said she heard a podcast episode that I was a guest on for a podcast that doesn’t even exist anymore. And I think that podcast uploaded episodes, like once a month, you know, is a very small podcast that no one else has told me that they listened to but she found us that way. A few people said that they saw Kat doing Facebook videos in groups and said that something was very different about her random reels. Someone shared our podcast episode with them. This is my favorite Gina. She said that she used to have kind of a brick and mortar store and she had an old U haul driver that she ended up building a relationship with. And she called him one time to just touch base with him because they’d built such an awesome relationship. And he said, yeah, I’ve been following, my wife and I’ve been following this girl named Macy McNeely and we’ve been practicing sales skills and you should follow her and she said oh, let me write that down. And she started following. And now she’s been with us for, honestly since we started like four or five years, being a coach and it was just also random, or at least it felt that way, and honestly, at first when I heard heard all this, I was honestly a little discouraged. Because as a business, we’re always wanting to know, what is working. We’re always wanting to know how we can turn up the dial on what is working, right, like, what is the one thing to focus on. And as I just said, it was all so what felt like, uncontrollable. And the more that I thought about it, the more I realized, it’s not that there isn’t one thing that isn’t working. It’s that everything is working. Everything is working. And that was so encouraging to think about, you know, we have a mentality of calling, we call it stir the pot, stir the pot, and all that means is simply to generate activity to get things moving. And it’s generating activity without expecting anything in return. So if things feel kind of slow, or they feel quiet, our first thought is okay, how do we stir the pot, and a lot of times that looks like, you know, asking people, if we could do a call for their team, asking people if we could be on their podcast episode, seeing if we could do an Instagram live with somebody just kind of poking around, and getting into conversation with people as much as possible. And, you know, in the beginning of the spur spurt, stir the pot brainstorm session that we typically have at least once a quarter, it feels like really exciting. And then when the actual activity comes up where we have to execute, sometimes it feels like not as exciting because the group is smaller than we thought, or, you know, it’s just requiring way more work than we anticipated. And sometimes it just feels like there’s a lot of work for little reward. But this moment hearing where everybody came from, and these are, this isn’t just anybody, okay, these are people that, of course, enrolled in School of Sales, which is amazing, but they are like the top top, or I guess you could say the bottom bottom of funnel in terms of people being like our most prized possession, which is our coaches who spend their time, spend their energy spend their heart coaching our students. And so doing the team calls, being on guest mastermind calls, being on podcast, like no matter how small or how few people it feels like we’re talking to, this was a reminder to me that it is worth it. It is so worth it. It’s always worth it. And this is a perfect representation of brick by brick mentality. It’s every day, each call each conversation, each podcast, one by one, laying the one brick as perfectly as you can. And eventually, you’ll have a brick wall, you have the group of coaches that you still cannot believe are considered your tribe. And, you know, you’re probably stirring the pot and you don’t even realize it, right? You’re posting, you’re creating content. You’re doing lives with other people, you’re probably doing some webinars, you are creating activity. And here’s some times that people are doing these things. And that, you know, they’re not getting traction, they show up and show up and show up and show up without the people saying, hey, I found you from that one thing that you did, because you kept showing up. And it may be it feels like you’re laying the bricks one by one day by day, but the wall just like isn’t being built. There is no wall. And if that is you, that does feel like that’s what’s happening, there’s a chance there’s something that’s definitely missing. So moving the needle activities should absolutely move the needle. Right, you would think that it just would happen, but it’s just not a guarantee. So what will guarantee moving the needle? It’s a great question. How can you know that you’re doing the stir the pot activities, and know that something big or small, whether it’s, you know, shows that the next day or shows up a year from now that something will come of it. And it’s really making sure that the right communication is inside of the needle moving activity. One of the consistent themes that people said if a coach or treat was you know, I watched Kat’s video and something just felt different. I listened to this podcast and I just felt like y’all were sold. You know, in your message were sold on your belief. And honestly, like if you are listening to this and you’re thinking, hey, I’m doing this but like I don’t even know if I’m sold on myself. I don’t even know if I’m sold on the result that I can give people I don’t even know if I’m sold on my product or my message, one of the best things you can do is to sell your message and to sell yourself. The best way to get sold is to sell. And I know that feels counterintuitive. But nothing, trust me when I say this, nothing fires you up more than selling something. I mean, I’ve been using honey as an example, like local honey, maybe you’ve been following us or you’ve come to a few three things. Or maybe you’ve taken School of Sales. And you’ve noticed we use local honey as examples. And we’ve done this because honestly, sometimes it’s nice just to sell something that you’re not, you know, super emotionally attached to something that isn’t, you know, feel so heavy and so important. It just feels light and silly honestly. And so I like to do that every now and then. And so lately, we’ve been kind of selling local honey, and I am so fired up about using local honey, not regular honey, but local honey, I’ve been learning all the different types of recipes that you can use local honey, how it affects your allergies, how when you use something like local honey and then natural sweetness comes from it. And you enjoy your food more because of the natural sweetness, you actually digest food better, your digestion system relaxes because you enjoy your food. And things process better in your body. I’ve learned how local honey helps you have a longer energy span because it is like a slow releasing energy versus any other type of sugary you know food. And I’m just like I’m so bought in to honey, something that I would have never ever, ever cared about before. I mean, I go to farmers markets, and I see local honey. And it’s just seeing like fish and water, it’s just so almost like you just expect to see local honey at a local farmers market. And now when I look at it, I just think wow, it’s like so amazing. And I think about how the bees are being kept and how it’s so humane and how they harvest the honey. And these beekeepers are so passionate, like I just know so much because I’ve been selling it. And now I believe in it. And I’m sold, I’m totally sold on honey, something that I never ever would have cared about ever before. And so when the coaches were saying like I could just tell something was different. What I knew when they said that was the belief and enthusiasm that we have that has come from selling intentionally. Because selling builds in enthusiasm, selling builds a belief that cannot be put on falsely. And if you’ve been listening for a little bit over the last couple of weeks, you’ve heard us talking about how all you should focus on is selling until you hit the $1 million mark. And it’s not about the million dollars. It’s not about the money, it never has been about the money. Money is what gets people attention. Money is what people tend to think that they care about. Money is what people think that they want. And so it’s easy to talk about money, but what we actually care about is who you become from selling every single day. That’s what I care about. It’s who you become, you become sold on yourself, you become sold on your product, you become sold on your beliefs, you become sold on what people are missing. And that’s what people are attracted to. They want someone that’s certain, I mean, think about it, if you’re lost on the trail, and you’re like looking for the leader to tell you where to go, you want them to say hey, it’s this way. And like keep walking confidently. And you’re like, great, I’m going to follow you because you’re certain you don’t want a leader who’s like, I think this way, but I’m not really sure. But I think we can, you know, maybe see, you want someone that is certain. And the only way you get certain is when you have strong beliefs. And the only way you generate a strong belief is when you are sold on it and the way you get sold is from selling. This is why we say you become an recognizable right here. Because you change when you obsess over selling you change. You become someone who has a belief in their eye, a belief in their voice and in the in the way they carry themselves. Like you change how you walk. Because of how you think you become the person that people talk about. They say something is different about them. I’m interested. They have something that most people don’t have. I’m not really sure what it is but I think I want some of it. The people that have this, I just want you to know like, they are not special, they are not different. They don’t have a magical dust that you don’t have. They have just been selling longer. They’ve been in it longer. They’ve been in more conversations, they’ve had more opportunities to build belief. That’s all. And one of the best things that you can do is master sales skills, and obsess over selling and obsess over the people that you are selling to. Because of what it does to you, not because of what it can do for you that comes later, is because who you become from doing that. Please believe me, when I tell you that this is what starts it all. Most people are looking for something that they can be passionate about. To grow business in, you will, you will never always have passion. But if you sell consistently, you will always have belief, you will always have enthusiasm. And that’s what people want from a leader. The final cohort of 2022 for School of Sales is open for enrollment. And we actually close enrollment, September the 30th, we get started the first week of October. Now, I have talked spoken with people who have told me that they you know this is on their 2022 vision board. And it’s absolutely wild to believe and know that 2022 is actually coming to an end like we are creeping on q4 of 2022. And when you enroll in this final cohort, you will be set up for success in a way that you never have before for 2023. Not only will you have the right heart and mindset about selling, you will have the exact tools, the exact skill and technique to do it well. For 2023 to obsess over selling for an entire year to get to that 1 million mark not because of the million dollars, but because of who you become from it. And you know, time is flying. Time is absolutely flying. And you could keep throwing darts at the wall, 1,000,000%. But I just want to leave you with this and just think about what is the cost of not doing this? What is the cost of not enrolling? Is it continuously running on the hamster wheel of trying these needle moving activities with no traction whatsoever? Or is it doing the needle moving activities with control with ease with belief and with enthusiasm. And I don’t want to guarantee anything, I can’t guarantee anything. But what I can tell you is that by the end of 2023, you will be unrecognizable. You will have a business that’s unrecognizable. You will have relationships that are unrecognizable. You will have a family that’s unrecognizable. And I believe that your finances will be unrecognizable. But again, it is never about the finances, it’s always because of who you become during the process. And that is what I want for you more than ever. School of Sales is an eight week program. What makes it really special is not only the material, but also the eight weeks of coaching, which I just talked about our coaches. They walk you through the sales process, the guided method for the eight weeks and make sure that it is customizable for you with individualized coaching. To make sure your specific business or your specific life thing like whether you’re selling to your PTA or you’re a mom, or you’re selling to your church or an organization an idea or concept they make sure that it is customized for you. Where you practice, you get reps into that so you feel so confident to do it in the wild. As we like to say we get started the first week of October you will be done before the holidays and ready to hit the ground running and 2023 you will be a part of the bubble, the School of Sales bubble, the Guide Culture bubble as we like to say, for the rest of your life but really as you get that momentum, starting the new year strong in q1, I know for anyone to have a really successful year they’ve got to start planning. I like to say about 90 days before and this is one of the best things you can do to set it up yourself well for next year. We’ll put all the information below in the show notes for you to join. If you have any questions please message us on Instagram @theguideculture, message us honey, so I know that you came from this podcast episode, and that will put you at the top of my list to answer first so that you are well taken care of and I kind of know where you’re coming from. I cannot wait to see you inside of School of Sales. Again, if you have any questions please message us. I can’t wait to hear from you.





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