September 20, 2022

EPISODE 242: Macy’s Biggest Entrepreneurial Mistake She’s Ever Made (and how you can avoid making it)

In this episode of the Guide Culture podcast, Macy is revealing her biggest entrepreneurial mistake to date and how you can avoid it. She shares her story and experience of believing in one strategy so deeply and why that is the downfall of her success. Then, she shares the different ways in which you can change the way you come off when you’re selling, and what it means to “scale the spirit”. Finally, Macy talks about how rooting your sales skills in this mindset change makes it all possible to reach $1 million in revenue just with one product alone. She also shares a real-life example of how Guide Culture was able to accomplish such successes with a single product because of the very knowledge and wisdom she drops in this episode.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Where Macy was when she first started Guide Culture
  • Why believing in the webinar strategy isn’t it (and why there’s so much more to it)
  • The one mindset shift that changes the way you come off
  • What it means to scale the spirit
  • Why it’s possible to get to $1 million with one product if you get clear about what you’re selling

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