September 20, 2022

EPISODE 242: Macy’s Biggest Entrepreneurial Mistake She’s Ever Made (and how you can avoid making it)

In this episode of the Guide Culture podcast, Macy is revealing her biggest entrepreneurial mistake to date and how you can avoid it. She shares her story and experience of believing in one strategy so deeply and why that is the downfall of her success. Then, she shares the different ways in which you can change the way you come off when you’re selling, and what it means to “scale the spirit”. Finally, Macy talks about how rooting your sales skills in this mindset change makes it all possible to reach $1 million in revenue just with one product alone. She also shares a real-life example of how Guide Culture was able to accomplish such successes with a single product because of the very knowledge and wisdom she drops in this episode.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Where Macy was when she first started Guide Culture
  • Why believing in the webinar strategy isn’t it (and why there’s so much more to it)
  • The one mindset shift that changes the way you come off
  • What it means to scale the spirit
  • Why it’s possible to get to $1 million with one product if you get clear about what you’re selling

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Casey Graham Episode:

Hello Macy McNeely here. I have been reflecting a little bit on just a few things and having a few perspective shifts and new ways of thinking of things. And I just wanted to share it with you today on this podcast episode. And we are having a workshop actually tonight 7:30pm Eastern time on this concept. And you should definitely come, all you have to do is apply for it to either be workshopped with or to come and just watch. So we will put all the information in the show notes of this episode for you to join us. So December of 2019, Kat, myself and her husband, we decided to go to New York City to have a New York Christmas. So thankful that we did that, and November of 2019, is actually when Kat and, I call it, got married, she became our my co CEO and business partner and all that good stuff. So I had been working on something for the year of 2019, that Kat really wasn’t a part of. And so that whole trip, I was kind of telling cKat, how amazing it was going to be when we got home, how a strategy was going to be implemented, that I’ve never done before, was the first time it was ever going to do it. And it was going to be the end all be all, it was going to be our big break, it was going to turn everything upside down, the floodgates are going to open, the leads were going to flow in the clients, customers, the sales, oh my gosh, it was going to all come together when we got home because of a strategy that I was going to implement. When I first started Guide Culture, I really had no knowledge of any strategy, any way to do online business, because I really just had one thing and that was sales skills. And I had a course that was already created by my dad, as most of you know, Lloyd, that I just needed to get into the hands of people, I just knew without a doubt in my mind that it was going to help people in so many ways that people didn’t even realize that they were missing. So I came. So my point in telling you that was I really believed what I had heard for the first time ever, which was, this is what you’re missing the strategies, what you’re missing, this is going to change everything for you. And believe it or not that strategy is a webinar. And I feel silly, saying it because of what I know now, which is a webinar means nothing, you know, it’s just how well you execute and how many people come and the messaging and the content, like that’s what matters, not the webinar itself, but I just believed in this webinar, okay. And it wasn’t even the webinar, like I knew the webinar was going to be great. But what my mentor at the time had told me was, oh, all you do is just turn it on evergreen afterwards. And like that’s when everything is going to change. And I believed in this strategy so much. I’ve actually hired a full time salesperson to help me with these leads. Like, I’m so embarrassed to even say that. But it just proves like how much stake I had in a strategy. Like someone told me something, and I just blindly believed them. And I think this is why I am so passionate and fired up about helping people see that the strategy is not it. It is not it because of this huge mistake that I had made the biggest mistake of my entrepreneur career, not the webinar itself, but just believing in it, you know, believing in the method. The webinar went great had, you know, a huge successful webinar. But that wasn’t even what I was looking forward to it was the the evergreen, the making sales in your sleep, that that kind of message. I was like, Oh, this is going to be it like it’s gonna happen all the time. And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that that is absolutely not what happened that it was quite the opposite. It was crickets and turning on something all that means is making it available and people still have to click it and watch it and consume it and take, I mean there’s so much to it, you know, and I just got so sidetracked, I got so distracted, and being distracted like that, it changed me. And not in a good way. It made me very easily annoyed. It made me frustrated, it made me angry. It made me short. In this season, not forever, but in this season is like, I was like frustrated at people for for not getting it, for not seeing what I see, for not buying for not, you know, like just being on my side of the table essentially. And when I think about me acting that way, in those seasons, or in that season, specifically, I just want to speak myself, because that’s like, not what we believe, we believe sales skills is what makes people get on your side of the table. It is what helps people see the new and different way. It is what helps people take action. And when I first started Guide Culture, I just like, I had this cure, you know, like people were sick, businesses were sick, they were suffering. They weren’t, you know, living their full potential, because they were missing this cure. And the cure was sales skills. And I was so heartbroken over the people not having the cure. I was devastated by the person, like the one lead that had been talking to them not having the cure, it kept me up at night. And when I got kind of sucked in to this obsession over the wrong things, obsession over numbers and metrics and webinars and strategies and mentors, and what people were telling me to do, when I got sucked into that I started obsessing over. Like not the people, but like me. You know, people got actually taken out of the equation, which is the very thing that made me bitter and frustrated and annoyed and angry for absolutely no reason. And I’m going to be honest, it is so easy to get sucked into that like especially someone who listens to personal development and is always looking for new ways to grow. Hearing other people who seem to be successful talk about a strategy or method it is so easy to get sucked in distracted and then focused on the wrong things. And I just want to like give you an example of how your brain can make you come off, like how your brain, what you’re thinking about, that makes you come off differently. So there’s one side, like let’s say you have a cure for cancer, okay, like you believe with all your heart it is the cure for cancer. You could think about methods, you know, you could think about the pharmacies, that you needed to get in contact with the hospitals, you know, the owners of hospitals, the who’s in the woods and the networking, like you could think about all of that, which is definitely the avenue you’re probably going to need to take in order to get your cure into the hands of people. Or you could think about the cancer patients. You think about how, if they were to be cured of cancer, they would be able to see their grandkids get married. You could think about their grandkids being able to have a relationship with their grandparents and get to learn from their grandparents and get to have these you know, life principles that we’re taught to talk to them by their family members. You get to think about these cancer patients who get to have memories, they get to have more Christmases, they get to hold their great grandbabies. They get to live a life of health and vibrancy enjoy and peace and things to look forward to when they wake up like that is a place to to sell from. Do you see the difference? Like even though of course you need to take the avenue of talking to the right pharmacy intern the talking to the right hospital, I don’t even know if that’s the avenue you would take I’m just kind of brain dumping with you, or who you needed to network with. Of course you need to think about like, who to talk to , but coming from a place of thinking about the cancer patient first, and the life that they could have with your cure, do you see how it comes off so differently. And that’s what we describe as like the spirit of what you do and scaling the spirit. Because people, they’re just like, something’s different about that person. I don’t know what it is. But I want to be a part of whatever they’re doing. And, you know, I was just talking to somebody, we just wrapped up School of Sales. Our eight week training, we did it live for the first time in two years. And it was incredible. It was absolutely epic. And we had people come in person, and we got to just talk to people before and after. And sometimes I get this conversations with people who are like, hey, I want to talk about like my product suite, which I know someone has told them to have a product suite. And that totally could be an avenue, you know. But I’m just like, Hey, what is like the cure? Like, what are you curing because if you actually had the cure for cancer, you wouldn’t, you know, try to sell or try to get someone to take medicine that doesn’t actually cure anything. But it will hopefully make them buy the upsell, which will cure something which will cure their cancer, you even do that you focus on one cure one product, no matter what it cost, no matter what it took, like you focus on what the people need. Because when you sell multiple things, when you have a product suite, and you’re like trying to strategize the upsell and down sell, listen, there is definitely a time and a place for that. But people forget how much energy it takes to sell anything, whether it’s a $10 book or a $10,000 program, it honestly takes the same amount of energy. You know, we have things like daily deposit, which is, you know, 20, something bucks like that honestly takes more energy to sell, than our $4,000 program a week program, it is just insane, how it’s just not that simple to have all these different products, or all these different offers, to hopefully get people into the next and into the next and into the next. Like what is your cure, and there is a time to diversify, there is a time to have more options, or maybe you do have lots of options. But no one really makes a lot of money doing lots of things. They make a lot of money doing one thing, and then they start kind of expanding their reach and doing different things once they’ve proven themselves. On one thing, once they’ve made a lot of money doing one thing that did get really, really good at it. And, you know, I was looking back at our numbers, we started our first ever Guide Gulture School of Sales training was August 2018. And we did a million total in revenue from 2018 to like 2020, so about two years. And often one product, one product, we just obsess over the one cure. And totally, of course, our spirit was up and down, up and down depending on what we’re focused on, constantly making ourselves get focused back on the right thing. But like you can get to $1 million with one product, I just want you to know that. In fact, it’s probably much easier to do it with one product than multiple products. I’m sure you’ve heard the podcast, hopefully, if not, you need to listen to it. We’ll link it below in the show notes as well, that podcast we just had Casey Graham on and he just talks about how like really obsessing over one product until you hit a million dollars, like that is how you know it’s proven. That’s how you know you can sell. And that’s how you know when and what move to make next, you really shouldn’t be doing anything other than selling your one product until you hit a million dollars. And I’m so excited to workshop this with you tonight. Because I think a lot of it is some mindset blocks. And also maybe a little skill could be tweaked, which is exactly what we’re going to be working on with you in the workshop of hey, let’s just like get clear what you’re really selling and let’s sell from the right place. Sell from the place of thinking about the cancer patient, thinking about the life that they are going to have once they have the cure. And then like when you are presented an opportunity, you will be ready to do it in the right way with the right heart, the right attitude, and the right mindset. And I’ll tell you what, all of that matters way more than you even realize. In fact, I recently had a conversation with somebody who approached me looking for staff. We get asked probably once a week if we know anybody that we can send their way to hire. And he met with me for coffee and he said, Macy you know I’ve had three people in the past from you and all those three people have been so much different than anyone else. And of course, they’re all Guide Culture graduates, he said, you know, they’re jusut different, they have a spirit about them, they have enthusiasm, they have charisma. They have like the right. Grit, the right attitude. And that’s just so hard to find. And I’m like, right, because that’s what we train on, we train 75% of the person who you are. And then 25% skill, because you can put the skill on the wrong person, and it not work, you know, and that 75% is, hey, where are you selling from? Like, what place are you selling from? Is it the strategy? Is it the metrics? Is it the numbers? Or is it I want this cancer patient to be able to have the memories with their family for the next 40 years? Can you feel the difference? I know I can just talking about it. I feel so much more relaxed, I feel so much more calm, I feel so much more at peace. And just like ready to build the value of what someone’s life could look like with the cure. And you have a cure, you might not even realize it. You might not even see it that way. But you absolutely do. And I want you to stop thinking about the cure. And start thinking about the patient who needs your cure, who is sick, who is suffering, who is not living the life that they fully are capable of living because they need your cure. That’s what we’re going to workshop tonight. Apply. Do whatever you can to be there, 7:30pm Eastern Time, you do not want to miss it. I think there’s going to be some really huge wins for people. It’s going to be small, it’s going to be intimate, and we’re going to work out with as many people as we possibly can. So we’ll hopefully see you there. Like I said, everything’s in the show notes and I cannot wait to see you. We’re gonna talk about how to get to 1 million with one product. See ya.





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