September 15, 2022

EPISODE 241: Quiet Quitting

What does it mean to quiet quit, and what really happens when you do? In today’s episode of the Guide Culture podcast, Kat and Macy discuss quiet quitting. This conversation was brought about when Kat and Macy had a look into people’s inner thoughts about work and quitting on TikTok.

After noticing several individuals who have quietly quit, Kat and Macy sat down to record this episode on why quiet quitting is more harmful to you than anything else. They discuss the process of breaking out of a system, reframing your thoughts if you feel like quiet quitting, and what happens when you go above and beyond instead of just doing the bare minimum.

Kat and Macy speak about the truth of going above and beyond and how to avoid falling into the trap of quiet quitting. So tune in, take notes, and be sure to share this episode with someone you know who might be on the verge of quiet quitting.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What Kat and Macy are noticing on TikTok
  • What is quiet quitting
  • How to break out of a system
  • Who needs you on your A game?
  • What happens when you go above and beyond
  • Why you shouldn’t quiet quit but loudly serve

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Hey, hey, Macy and Kitty here today. We have a fire underneath our veins, our heinies. Kat’s getting her phone set up. We’re getting some B roll going. You know what’s so interesting about Tik Tok?

Lots of things.

First of all, like, there’s a few people, like Jeff, he’s been helping us with tech over the last eight weeks for School of Sales Live. And he works in the content business and he’s on Tik Tok. I only watch reels. And like Austin, my husband, made a comment like that this weekend in front of his 18 year old sisters, which you can imagine they just let him have it for saying that he only watches reels and not Tik Tok. Anyway, so the people that are on Tik Tok, like you are about to understand what I’m saying, but the people who aren’t on Tik Tok might not. And there probably are a good bit of you who aren’t and you’re like, hey, I do Instagram reels and that is phenomenal. But the Tik Tok algorithm is very different than the Instagram algorithm. Would you agree with that? It finds you, and you just like see inside the brains of what feels like the population in general, right? Especially if it’s like Gen Z, if you feel like it’s a lot of the Gen Z, they have like a very similar way of thinking. People in certain industries, if you work for corporate, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re a small business owner, you just can see people’s beliefs. And the way they think in a very different way, people are more likely to say what they want on Tik Tok than they are on Instagram. Would you agree with that? So I’m just seeing things, okay. And I especially, have been seeing the inside of people’s brains when it comes to work, how they think about work, or culture. Like co workers even, resignation, great resignation stuff. And I don’t know if it’s that algorithm on that, because I am like also on business algorithm. So I guess it just is your business, you know, entrepreneur, you work with other corporations. So anyway, I just am on that thread, that algorithm, and it’s just a very, like, sad place to be, it breaks my heart. It keeps me up at night. And so I just want to talk about it now. And I just told Kat, I was like, I don’t think that these are the people that listen to our podcast, though. And she was like, this is why we have to talk about it because they have to stay strong. Because I was talking about it at lunch. Like if I worked with people who thought like this, it would be really hard for me to keep my mindset right, or the way that I wanted to keep it because you are a product of your environment. Your environment is way more telling than any kind of willpower or discipline that you have. And so this is really encouragement for you, who is probably not like this, but to stay strong. And to be soldiers.

Absolutely. And to be the example. That’s what an influencer is. It’s really just a good example. And at the end of the day, especially if you’re a mom, which is one of the most important jobs ever, like someone’s watching you, and just the people in your life need to see you staying strong. So this is for you. And we’re going to talk about quiet quitting.

So I have a post with someone’s definition of it. And then a checklist of how to quiet quit. Quiet quitting is a noun, a rebellion against toxic work culture that encourages employees to set boundaries at work to prioritize your mental health, and protect your well being, deliberately choosing not to go above and beyond your job requirements if the compensation doesn’t match your efforts. And then there’s a checklist of how to quiet quit. Number one, show up to work on time. Number two, do what is required during your work hours. Number three, leave work on time. Number four, remember that your worth is not based on your productivity. And number five, basically do your job in only your job period. And honestly, I get it, I get the mentality of like, hey, I need to have work life balance. I need to be able to have energy to do other things. I was just talking to someone this weekend. And they were talking about like someone else’s kids. And you know how they’re kind of rambunctious and wild. And she was like, honestly, you know, both of their parents have really stressful jobs, like, they probably don’t have a ton of energy to come home and like, you know, discipline or whatever. And so I get the mentality of like, I need to have energy to parent and have energy to work out, I need have energy to think about like, what’s for dinner, I get that completely. There is a huge difference between work life balanced, and disengaged, two completely different mentalities, and being disengaged, hurts absolutely no one but you, and your inner co workers, honestly, it destroys your self worth. It destroys your relationship with your co workers, and it destroys your credibility. What’s interesting is one of these checkmarks like all this, get to work on time, leave on time, like whatever I could take or leave that. But it says, remember that your worth is not based on your productivity. It’s like, your worth has always been worthy. You know, in my opinion, no one earns their worth. But what I do know is that you don’t get your worth from your work, you don’t get it from anyone. But when you are productive, and when you do achieve things, that is something that no one can give you and no one can take away from you ever. And so when you do go above and beyond, like you do it for yourself, you do it for your own confidence. You do it for your own mindset, you do it for your own achievement, not for, not to stick it to the man, but for you. I’ll never forget Grant Cardone talking about his daughters. And he was talking about how he, like makes them do certain things, like ask people to buy his book, as people do attendance, like basically sell is their like chore, you know. And he was like, you know, my biggest reason for doing this is, when I pass on, like my daughters will absolutely have networth, they will not have self worth, because they didn’t work for it. And the working for it is intrinsic. Like that’s what gives you so much confidence and belief in yourself. Not the money. I think there’s a statistic of like, how many percentages of millionaires are self made? Most are the people that are just given their money by their family, they blow it most most of the time, right? Because they have no track record of earning it.

Credibility with themselves.

And when people are quiet quitting, and I’ve seen so many people just talking about how they have so little hope about their future. They have such little opportunity, like nothing is working for them. They’ll never own a home. What’s the point? And I’m just like, how sad to live like that. Even if it’s like whatever you say is true, honestly, however you think like that is going to be your reality. I know like Natalie Ellis said this on her posts, but she was like the only time I’ve ever gone anywhere is from going above and beyond like that. And honestly what people are saying is they hate the system that they’re in. They’ve got all this college debt, which I agree is ridiculous, no one should be letting an 18 year old loan $100,000, they can’t pay it off. They can’t yet, and I get that completely, but the only way to break out of the system is to get out of doing what everybody in the system is doing. And even if like, it doesn’t get you anywhere, at least you gave it your all, you know. And I think another thing about this, it really breaks my heart is when you’re disengaged, you’re emotionally not bought in, right? You’re emotionally out of it, like you don’t care. And you spend so much of your life working. Like that is a very sad way to live, to emotionally not care about anything, and go through the motions. I have absolutely been in positions, like I’m thinking, like, internships and just stuff. I’m like, oh, I have to do this. And when I think about those times, like that is when I was the most exhausted. That was when I was the youngest, I was the fittest, I had every reason to have every bit of energy, but I was the most exhausted, because I was not emotionally excited or bought into what I was doing. And there’s probably some of you, I mean, probably not you if you’re listening to this podcast, but if you are listening to this and you’re like, but Macy like, I don’t care about what I do, like I work at Abercrombie, I don’t know, I work at you know, a big corporation that doesn’t know my name, like I don’t care. Like there is still one person that needs you. Even if it’s a co worker, like do you really want your co workers to pick up the slack that this eventually has to get picked up? Like the work has to be done, like do it for them, like do it for a person, I will tell you, there have been times I just like do not feel good, you know, and I do not want to do what I have to do that day. Of course there are seasons like that. But absolutely nothing fires me up thinking about one student or thinking about you, Kat, or thinking about Court, or thining about Sarah, like thinking about one person, nothing makes me pop out of bed more than thinking about that one person.

Brendan Burchard says in High Performance Habits, one way to demand the most from yourself, it’s called necessity. It’s one of his 10 habits. Necessity means that when you ask yourself the question, who needs me on my A game right now, that word, needs, is the necessity that you need to be fuel to go do what needs to be done. So for me, I’m like, Lucy needs me on my A game right now. Macy has always said I cannot afford to have a bad day. Because there are people who need us to sit around and be discouraged or even just questioning, like there’s not time for that. And remember that if you are in the season of observing quit quitting, and maybe it seems tempting, maybe it seems valid. Maybe it feels like oh, yeah, I should do that. Because it’s not fair. And inflation is high. And whatever. Remember, the whole point of business is that someone else’s life is made better. Because what you do now? Maybe you are a small piece of that business, or you are the business, whatever. It’s usually when you’re part of a corporation, people feel this way because they feel so unknown, right? And I just want you to know, and if you need to pour this into someone else who’s discouraged, like they are known, like people do care about them. And this is like, not the point of the podcast, but like, that is such a spiritual sickness, to feel so down, that like God of the universe does not know your name. It’s just so sad. It’s not true. And this guy, Macy sent us like a three minute Tik Tok. And he basically ended it saying like, there’s no hope, and there’s no opportunity. And if you think about it, you look back at history of the 1000s of years in recent history. There has always been hard times, always. And there’s a saying that John Maxwell recently quoted and he said, hard times make strong men, strong men make easy times, easy times make weak men, and weak men make hard times. So it’s a cycle. And I think right now we’re experiencing how the easy times, make weak men, make weak people. And it just, it’s not to say that one individual’s worth is weak or anything like that, but just as a society, having the mental strength to say, you know, what if I give this my all, because part of that definition was don’t go above and beyond. But when you do go above and beyond, and you stretch yourself and you think to yourself, hey, I’m learning skills, that is part of you being able to have leverage for your next opportunity. No one said that you have to sweep floors forever. No one says you have to log data forever. Go get the skills because the people who hang back and quietly quit will never get promoted until they want to work for themselves and all of a sudden they’ll give it their all. Yeah, but do you think they really have the credibility with themselves? I don’t think so. So when you give it your all, you stretch yourself, you take on the skills, then all of a sudden you are more valuable to the economy, not as a person, but to the economy. And all of a sudden you are worth more to your next employer.

All of a sudden the company is begging to keep you, do whatever it takes to keep you. And I saw in that definition, it was like you don’t do more than what your compensation is worth. My question is like, how do you know, I know, you can look up what other people make, like, I get that? Wouldn’t you rather go above and beyond for a couple months, and then come back and be able to sell yourself someone who’s worth more money, and ask for a raise and ask for more money and continue to… like, I would rather do that.

Absolutely. Build a case, baby, build a case.

And that’s like sales skills right there, you know. And I just like, there’s a huge difference between work life boundaries and then like being, like I said, emotionally bought in. And I was just thinking about, like, here, at Guide Culture. I mean, at the beginning, I never stopped working. Like that’s all I did. You know, of course, having kids changes things. And like we are out of here by three for the most part. We’ve all got kids, we got to pick up, we got stuff. I know Brit has baseball game she’s gotta go to, we pretty much don’t work on the weekends. I mean, I haven’t in a long time.

I think. I be thinking on the weekends.

That’s what I’m about to talk about. Because it’s just like, what we do really requires creativity. And probably same thing for you, like to problem solve, you got to be creative. And so there needs to be a little bit of white space for that. But I’m trying to think about how you can be creative without being emotional, or be emotionally bought in, how would you ever be creative? You can’t. And the market rewards creativity. Like, you know, I love Shark Tank. But they talked about like when the best things you can do is take an old industry and be creative and reinvent it when they’re examples is like the doorbell. The doorbell that has been since beginning of time, there’s doorbell doorbell doorbell, and then this guy creates Ring, he reinvents it. Alarm clocks, like we’ve always had alarm, you know, whatever. And then Hatch comes, and like recreates the alarm clock and the way you wake up. Like that requires creativity, you know? And it’s just like, creativity is a muscle that you practice. What a great place to practice in your work right now. Who knows what you could come up with later.

Amen. Absolutely. And just like Natalie Ella said in her post, when you do apply the post, about quite quitting, and Natalie Ellis Boss Babes post about quite quitting, she was saying those skills that you are stretched with, they have created, you problem solved, you do this. That is like what launches you into what you’re made to do. And that’s just that we live in the coolest system ever, where you can make something of yourself. Yeah, no matter what the industry is. And in fact, recessions and weird financial times is the time that people need your innovation, and things that no one else has thought of. But you in this time on planet Earth, you can freaking do this. And I hope you can see all of what we’re saying. And just encourage someone with it. If you have a teacher, friend who’s discouraged. We saw a teacher quiet quit about you know, shut your door during planning. You know, don’t bring your backpack home yet. Don’t take anything to work but your purse, and your phone, and your laptop. And it’s just the attitude around, this is about me and me only, when really, the greatest thing you will ever do is die to yourself. And that’s why I think this is a spiritual sickness. Because it’s all about us. My life is about what I feel, and it is the most selfish, people think it’s the most selfless, or they think it’s like, well, if no one’s doing it for me, then I have to protect myself. And self protection is the opposite of self sacrifice, which is what we’re called to as leaders. And Lloyd just said recently, that leadership is like serving the least of these. And that’s what business is, in so many ways. It’s what, you know, a lot of things are, whether it’s volunteer work, or whatever, but business holds you accountable to delivering on it. And I just can encourage you to encourage someone in your life with the truth that work is a worthy and noble cause. And if you really, really, really hate what you do that bad, go find a job that you will go above and beyond in. But I truly don’t think that’s the solution. I think it’s do it where you are.

Listen, if you can’t be happy in your circumstances right now, do not change a single thing. Get happy in where you are right now and then think about changing. Think even like in a relationship, especially in a relationship like, I’m thinking like boyfriend, girlfriend or husband, wife, you’re like, I just feel like if I just wasn’t with him like I would be happy, that is literally not true. You have to be happy and then make decisions, be excited about your work and then make decisions because if you can’t get excited about what you’re doing right now, it’s gonna be hard to get excited about anything. I know like we were not born excited about sales skills. It develops through work, buy in, going all in, sacrificing yourself, helping people, serving people. Like God made us to serve people and to get energy from that for a reason. He wants us to serve his children. And then the best way to do that is their business, in my opinion .And I just want you to know that if you have ever thought about quiet quitting, you are not quitting on your company, you’re not quitting on your boss, you’re quitting on yourself.

So this is your call to action to not quiet quit, but to loudly serve.

And just like try it, you know what I mean? Like just commit for like six months, be like, what if I do just go all in, give it my all. And I’m not saying work till midnight. I am not saying that at all. Listen, I am the queen of being with my little boy. Listen, that is like the most important thing to all of us here. I’m saying just like when you go to sleep at night, just think like how can I give it my all tomorrow in a new and different way. And literally having a good attitude is one of the best ways to give it your all. And that requires no time, requires no energy, requires a simple, new perspective. That’s it. So maybe, I know, like I said, if you’re listening to this podcast, if you follow us at all, you probably do not fall into this category. But I would still get fired up from listening to something like this. So I definitely hope that you enjoyed it. Please send it to someone who needs it. And who needs to be told that they are absolutely worthy. No matter what they do, and that their identity is strong no matter what. But they can have a better life experience honestly by going all in.

Amen. Loudly serve.

Loudly serve, baby. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it on your Instagram stories and tag us, we would love to know your favorite part. Hey, we’re also sending a really fun and special gift in the mail. When you write us a review, if this podcast has served you in any way over the last, you know, however long we’ve been doing this, write us a quick review and then all you got to do is send us an email,, and let us know that you sent us a review. Send us your mailing address and we will send you a little present from us to you. Thanks so much and we will talk to you on the next one.






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