August 1, 2022

EPISODE 231: Macy’s Story of Becoming Unrecognizable

Becoming unrecognizable can be an incredibly gratifying experience. In today’s episode, Macy is sharing her story of becoming unrecognizable herself, which in her case, was for the better.

In this short and sweet episode, Macy shares the one thing that changed that made her unrecognizable to her friends and family. She also dives into what this one change is usually mistaken for and what it really is. Then, she shares how she’s witness other people change for the better once they develop sales skills, and why sales skills is one of the most important skills to have in order to build confidence.

If you feel like knowing how to sell is an unimportant skill, this episode is for you. Tune in and find out how sales skills can change you to the point of becoming unrecognizable.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The one thing that changed Macy to the point of being unrecognizable
  • Why developing sales skills will give you confidence
  • Why it’s not about money, but about the ability to make it work at any point.

Hey, so I had a major realization this morning that I just I have to share with you and it’s been a combination of a few things. My trainer came over to my house and I did a workout. So I moved my body I had a conversation with her, which always instigates ideas by what people say and what they’re thinking. And then I also listen to a podcast, a couple podcasts yesterday and today that there’s just been a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas. And I had such an epiphany this morning in the shower where all the best thoughts happen. And I want to share that with you today. So some of you might know this, I always knew I was going to be a stay at home mom ever since I was a little girl like that is what I strived for. That is what I imagined. That’s the type of play I would do as a kid like I was going to be a stay at home mom. And I went to college really to fulfill that like I honestly meant to go look for a man get my Mrs. Degree, Mrs. degree and I got a child development major because I really didn’t know what else to do, honestly. And I did. I found my husband, my senior year, New Year’s Eve to be exact my senior year New Year’s Eve kind of celebration we met. We got married quickly after that was right out of college, I was in my first job. And I told him I was like, Hey, I’m gonna be a stay at home mom, like I just want you to prepare for that. He was all for it. He encouraged me. He said that sounds great. You know, all that good stuff. And that is obviously not the case anymore. I have or you know, it hasn’t been the case ever.

Actually, when we got married, I first worked in ministry, which we’re going to talk about that in just a second. And I actually wasn’t ready to have kids I like didn’t love where I was at. I liked it. I learned a lot. But I didn’t love it. But I wasn’t ready to start having kids and to stay home. And so I just played in entrepreneurship, basically. And here I am today. But that journey, and I’m going to talk about when I got married because that’s like the biggest marker in my head right now. When I got married to where I am here, almost like eight years later, seven or eight years later, I am unrecognizable. I’m completely different. I can’t even describe the night and day black and white difference from that moment when I said I do to who I am today. And luckily my husband’s incredible. And he loves me 10 times more from the journey that I’ve been on.

But in those like eight years of development and change, I really kind of split it in half ish. Okay, I’ve lived two lives as an adult. I was not an entrepreneur. And then I was that is literally how I split my life. And if I were to go back to my old life, if I were to let go in my old job and with my same team and do the same work with the experience that I have now, the people that I worked with would be like, Who is she? Who abducted Macy? Where did you take her? And like, who isn’t that perfect? That is not her. And I’m so freaking proud of that I really am. And I’ve been thinking about, okay, if I were to just rewind my life, keep all the skills that I have, and rewind my life. And they would say, oh, like maybe you’ve changed, like, what did they think? What would they think that changed me? Like, people from my past life, which I obviously am like still friends with people and all of that stuff. This isn’t has nothing to do with friends. This has everything to do with me and you like who you are and who I am.

If I were to go back in my past life with all these people, and, you know, be with them, and I left and what would they say that changed me? I think that they would think or they would say money has changed her. Money has changed her. And I’m sure you’ve heard that before, like, oh, money’s changed, and they’ve made money they’ve changed. Now listen, no one has actually said that. To me. I’m totally making assumptions here what someone might say. And I’ve been thinking about okay, but what has changed me like ultimately, what is the thing that has made me and honestly my husband become unrecognizable because he’s completely different as well. And it’s not money. It’s the ability to be able to make money. It’s not the money. It’s the ability to make money. Because when you have that skill, I’m telling you like you walk differently. You see the world differently. You talk differently, you act differently, you have a much stronger self perception, you have a stronger self identity. Honestly, you have a stronger self worth.

You are not more worthy with the ability to make money but you see yourself As more worthy, I think, because I’ve heard Grant Cardone say like his daughters, like, they might end up having net worth, but they’re not going to have self worth because he made the money, and they’ll inherit it. And the money that you make versus what you inherit, what I’ve heard is just completely different. And your ability to make money is what makes you feel great, not the money itself. And I’m just thinking a lot about like, Okay, but what is it that makes someone that has the ability to make money, what makes them feel great about it, and what makes them so different? And I really think, more than anything, is that it gives you the confidence to take risk, it gives you the confidence to go for it. It gives you the, the sureness that you can hire the person, that you can quit the jobs that you can invest in yourself, that you can try this new idea in, you are going to make it work, even if it fails. It’s like you’re like good, like, what have I learned from that failure? And how can I take my skill, that is the ability to make money and go make it work.

And this identity, this embodiment of that skill, it cannot be put on falsely, you can’t fake it. And when you have it, you have it because you’ve earned it was fueled back into that self worth, which fuels back into your self perception and who you are. And it’s just nothing, nobody can take it away from you. No one can take away your ability to make something work no matter what. And I believe that with all my heart, I was talking to Courtney, She’s on our team. She’s been with us, oh, over a year, well over a year, coming up on two years. And at her a year mark, you know, we have one on ones and stuff. And I remember telling her or just asking her, Hey, you seem different. Like you seem confident you seem sure of yourself. Is that true? And her instant reaction was? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s true. And I’m like, why? And she’s like, honestly, my see, like, if everything burned to the ground, if everything went bad with sour, and I had nothing, I would know exactly what to go do. She came from a very stiff corporate career, and she didn’t love it. But she has told me she’s like, I can now go back to that career. If I had to, I could go back. And I could get the real position that I wanted. Because of her ability to build value and sell herself. I could have enjoyed the career that I was in, I know how to communicate so much better with a boss that you know, I had a little bit of a harder time with. But now I can go sit in that same seat and make it an amazing experience. I could go sell anything I can get whatever job I wanted, I could be in any position I wanted. Because I had skills, sell myself to sell a product to build value and to communicate.

And, you know, we talk to a lot of people about School of Sales, the signature eight week program. And there’s a lot of like, hey, what do I do first? Like, I feel like I need to build the business, and then have sales skills. What do I do? First, I feel like you build a website and then have sales skills. What do I do first, I feel like you need to have my products or have my ability to do whatever and then your sales skills. And that is all fine and dandy, like you absolutely need to do what feels best for you. Here’s what I know, for certain you will do everything differently, you will do everything better when you know how to sell. Because you can go all in on the right talent when you hire because you’re going to make it work. Because you can go all in on the you know the branding, or you can have the confidence to be able to make it work regardless of what the branding is. You can have confidence to sell one product, Angel you can sell whatever you want, the limit does not exist. And the thing is is like what you’re working on right now it very well may be the small thing you’ve ever do in your life. And you don’t even see the possibilities because right now you’re just so laser focused on something making something work.

You had the skill, the ability to make whatever work no matter what your eyes would open and having the skills the sales skills it gives you like a sureness, it gives you something that you stand for gives you just so much confidence you walk around this invisible crown around your head, and you are completely unrecognizable. We’ve talked a lot about being unrecognizable in our guide holder journey of like, hey, when you master sales skills a year from now you’ll be different. And the reason we talked about that is because that’s what I experienced when I mastered sales hills. I remember going to a family Christmas party And when you when you have these big events like maybe it’s a Christmas party, your birthday anniversary, you tend to reflect on the last one. And you think, Okay, where was I a year ago from today. And when I was at that Christmas party, and I was talking to my family members that I hadn’t seen for an entire year, okay, I was talking to them, and I just experienced life differently. I heard what they said differently. I heard the underlying tone more than I heard, you know, the previous year, what they were saying, they were asking me what I was doing. And while I was kind of doing the same thing that I had done the previous year, they were like, You seem so different. You seem like so confident, you seem like sure of yourself, you seem like you know where you’re going, you seem excited for your life, you seem like you the new enthusiasm and new spirit about you. What are you doing, and nothing had changed with my life other than my ability to to make money, honestly. And maybe that sounds shallow.

Or maybe it’s like, you’re like, well, it’s not always about money. Like, that’s not the point. It’s not about the money, it’s your ability to be able to make it work no matter what. And this is why we say sales skills, and coming into school of sales and our world gives you the tools and gives you the key to being a completely different person this time next year. And listen, I have leads of people, okay, I talk to people all the time all day, every day trying to help them make a great decision about school sales. And there have been people I’ve talked to for years, years, I’m not in Kenny, they stay on my list, because I care about them way too much. Let them fall through the cracks. And the people have talked to you for years, they’re in the same place. They’re doing the same thing. They’re trying the same strategies to try the same techniques, they feel the same way about themselves. And I just like, love them so much. And want them to see that, hey, there’s always going to be something in the way. You’ve got to make the commitment and you are going to be the person that has the ability to make it work no matter what. And I’ll never give up on him. Because I believe that this is what it takes for them to win.

Hey, listen, if this is something that you want for yourself, if you want to look at your life a year from now in the summer months of 2023 and say, well, like I’m going on vacation, I never knew I could go on. Man, I’m able to spend this summer with my kids. And I never been able to do that before. I have a new way about me and my work, I’m getting these new positions. I’m making more sales than I ever have before. Listen, that is so possible for you got to earn it. Got to earn it and it can start today it actually doesn’t take much time. I know a year might sound like a far way away. But I’m telling you the way time works, goes by like that. And I know for a fact because of these leads on my list and I’ve talked to you for years and years. I think you’re so far away. And yet the next thing they know they look up and another year has passed. It is so possible for you but you’ve got to take the step now and commit to School of Sales. There are so many options to be able to make it work for you. And I’m telling you so many people, not everyone, but a lot of people start making their money back well early into the training itself, because they master sales skills because they become the person they come the person that has the ability to make it work no matter what they start thinking the right way to start acting the right way. And people notice they want whatever you have. And listen, if you have any questions, please message us on Instagram @theguideculture. You can just message me unrecognizable that lets me know you listen to this podcast and I kind of know where your headspace is at. And I would love to save time and see if it’s a good fit for you. Thank you so much for listening. I’ll see you in the next one.





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