December 29, 2021

Episode #22: Morning Routines

In episode 22 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Macy and Loy walk you through each of their morning routines and discuss why having a consistent routine is important.

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Morning routines vary based on your season of life.

Typically, the morning hours are when you are most fresh.

A routine is simply a habit – something you don’t think twice about doing. It comes natural.

[3:02] Macy’s typical morning routine

It all starts the night before – plan your day and decide everything before you log off for the day / go to bed each night!

Daily Deposit – here at GUIDE Culture, this is the daily journal we us. Learn more about it HERE!

[4:27] Mini Days – break up your days into mini days. Learn how to do that HERE.

Time Block using the Calendaring Method. Learn how to do that HERE.

[6:17] The Game of Life

[7:16] What my mornings typically look like

[13:04] Loy’s Morning Routine




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