December 29, 2021

Episode #21: The Biggest Mistake You Could Make As An MLM Leader

In episode 21 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, we discuss one of the biggest mistakes that see we see MLM and network marketing leaders making and talk about what to do INSTEAD so that both, you and your team, win!

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[2:00] Everyone needs sales training – GUIDE Culture

[2:34] The dangers of taking the training and trying to teach it to your team

[3:28] The GUIDE Culture tilt

[6:25] Leave it to the experts

[7:02] Do what you do with passion – you can’t fake it

[8:35] Don’t rob someone else of the opportunity

[9:00] Help your team lead themselves by encouraging them to invest

[11:05] The best thing you can do as an MLM leader

[12:23] Stay laser focused on your passions and delegate everything else

[13:28] Four pillars of GUIDE Culture training

[14:03] GUIDE Culture labs and why this model works




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