May 17, 2022

EPISODE 185:[BONUS] Special Edition: How Stress Affects Your Health and Business

Something we believe to our core here at GUIDE Culture is that you have ONE life – meaning nothing is separate. You don’t have a work life and then a home life. Instead, they’re combined.

Because of that, we prefer to take a whole person approach in all things that we do. While our main focus is typically sales, communication and leadership, we know that to do good you have to feel good. And feeling good requires taking a look at what is TRULY going on in your life and translating that to how it’s affecting your body.

To help you do this well, in this episode Kat interviews friend, entrepreneur and Nutritionist, Robyn Johnson. Robyn helps you understand how stress can not only affect your health on a day to day basis, but also helps you see how your business can be impacted as well.

She is truly brilliant and provides so much insight on this topic. You’ll leave with tangible tips that you can implement today so that your body is functioning at its peak so you can reach the goals and see the results that you want to see.




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