May 6, 2022

EPISODE 175: If You Can’t Get Out Of It, Get Into It

Have you ever needed to do something that you reallllyyyyy don’t want to do and it takes everything in you just to get through it?

A few universal things that come to mind are:
➡️ yearly taxes
➡️ going to the DMV
➡️ filling out your child’s school paper work
➡️ dentist/doctor appointments
➡️ grocery shopping (you either love it or you hate it 🤣)

And of course we all have our own things in our life and business that we HAVE to do, but we really don’t enjoy.

These are the things that you might put off until the last minute or, if it’s something that can’t wait, you find any and every distraction while you’re doing it.

They’re the things that we just have to fight through so they can be marked off the list.

What’s so interesting is that a lot of times, what’s more exhausting than just doing the thing is half doing it and purposefully getting distracted during it.

Sure, you’ll finish it and mark it off, but how do you feel afterwards? Energetic and ready to do more? Or tired and ready to be done for the day?

In this episode, Macy talks about what happens when you decide to just get INTO the thing that you don’t enjoy. This one principle can be such a game changer in your life and business!




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