May 3, 2022

EPISODE 169: Feeling Unseen? Good News!

As an entrepreneur or business owner, chances are you’ve experienced seasons where you’re doing a TON of underground, behind the scenes work. The not-so-sexy work that people don’t see. The work that doesn’t get you noticed or recognized – you feel totally unseen.

And then there’s seasons where you’re feeling on top of the world. You have things figured out, your content is on point, people are connecting with you and you feel highly motivated.

And thennnnn that fire burns out. You’re suddenly riding a rollercoaster of motivation and inspiration and aren’t sure how to get on that steady, consistent ground that you dream of.

If you resonate with either of those scenarios, first you should know you’re not alone. These are both normal seasons of business ownership – but they don’t have to be where you live forever.

In this episode, Kat gives you some encouraging and clarifying words and tangible tips for how to attack any season of business (and life) head on so you’re no longer riding that rollercoaster of motivation and instead feel clear and confident on your path.




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