May 2, 2022

EPISODE 166: [INTERVIEW] How to Scale Beyond Yourself With a Coach Program with GUIDE Culture’s Head of Coaches, Sara Stapleton

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, selling a product or service, you’ve probably thought a time or two about how you’re going to scale what you have.

Maybe you have an online course or passive product, but you still desire a level of hands on experience for each of your students or customers.

Maybe your product has the potential to reach wayyyy more people, but your time feels capped.

Whatever the case, there is absolutely a way for you to scale what you have without YOU having to be the one to do it alllll.

In this episode specifically, we sit down with Sara Stapleton, GUIDE Culture’s Head of Coaches, to talk about how we’ve reconciled similar issues with our coach program.

When GUIDE Culture first started, Loy Day (Creator and Co-Founder) said that the only way this would work is if the students could get coached throughout their training. Everything started with Macy and Loy doing all of the coaching.

After a few rounds of the training, a few graduates stepped into roles of ambassadors (now called coaches) and it became very clear that there had to be a system and structure to what was happening so it could truly be scalable.

INSERT SARA! Sara started as a GUIDE Culture student and stepped into a coaching role soon after. Eventually we knew she was the perfect girl for the job to lead the entire coach program seamlessly.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Macy and Kat about the scaling struggle as business owners and what it really takes to create something much bigger than yourself. You’ll also hear from Sara about the GUIDE Culture coach program specifically and how she has truly built it from the ground up and continues to lead each coach daily.




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