March 31, 2022

EPISODE 152: [INTERVIEW] From $126k in Debt to Debt Free by INVESTING More, Not Just Saving More, With Guest Ashley Empowers

Ashley Empowers of High Earning Housewife, empowers women to become the CEO of their home AND their business. She does this through teaching money management, delegation and systems for success.

Ashley is a GUIDE Culture graduate that participated in the online course first and then attended an In Person Training. The most interesting part is that Ashley invested in GUIDE Culture DURING her journey to becoming debt free.

Her and her husband committed to a debt free journey in a way that you don’t hear about often. Instead of saving every penny and not investing in anything, they actually decided to invest MORE, which in turn helped them EARN more.

Before GUIDE Culture she had an average of 40 people signing up for her cohorts. After GUIDE Culture, she fills up each of her cohorts with an average of 150 people.

They are now debt free and Ashley is on a mission to help people believe that they can do the same – that they can EARN more and experience massive growth in their life and business.

In this episode, you hear a little about Ashley’s story, what she does and how GUIDE Culture impacted her mission.




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