March 28, 2022

EPISODE 151: Is Your Funnel Enough?

We recently got the question, “can you tell me your thoughts on evergreen sales models?”

And as a business owner, THAT is the question in your head all the time – what sales model should I follow? What strategy should I implement?

We totally get it, because there is SO much advice coming at you when you own a business and it feels like none of the advice is the same.

One person says to run ads. One says to run funnels. One says to create passive products and sell them on evergreen. Another person says to live launch with webinars. Oh! You could do one live launch and then evergreen it. Only open cart one time a year. Try a challenge. Do a series of workshops. Have you tried a live viewing party?

Seriously, the list goes on. The options are truly endless!

Which is why in this episode, Macy and Kat ask the burning question: IS YOUR FUNNEL ENOUGH?

Can you rely on the funnel that you build to do the selling for you? Can you truly turn your business into a money making machine without touching it?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Tune in to see what it really takes for ANY sales model or strategy that you choose!




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