March 28, 2022

EPISODE 150: [INTERVIEW] Selling More and Scaling Faster with a Partner | With Guests, Dylan Murphy + Meredith Renshaw

If you’re a solo business owner, chances are you know that feeling of the sales being all on YOU.

Not only do you have to worry about filling seats to your program, but you have to make payroll if you have employees, you have to pay your contractors, you have to get yourself out of debt and you have to do allllll of that before you can even think about paying yourself.

The solution to YOU not carrying all of the weight might sound simple – just bring on a partner so they can carry it with you. And it makes sense why you might think that – because 2 brains are stronger than 1… right?

Well, not always. It has to be the RIGHT brain! And what we mean by that is the person must know how to sell.

Bringing on a partner to handle the backend of the business or manage finances is helpful, but won’t lift the weight of the sales – essentially, the health of the business will still be on YOU.

In this podcast episode, Macy and Kat sit down with 2 GUIDE Culture graduates and business partners, Dylan Murphy and Meredith Renshaw of Free Method Nutrition, to talk about this very thing.

Dylan and Meredith both took GUIDE Culture together to improve the way that they sell their program. They speak to what it’s like to grow a business together and share how both of them being able to sell has impacted the business as a whole.




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