March 28, 2022

EPISODE 149: Are You Marketing or Going to Market?

Are you “playing” business or are you IN business? There’s a big difference! 

The truth is, you’re only IN business when you are exchanging value with someone else.

Think about this way:
Would you rather buy from the person that stays tucked away behind their computer perfecting the label and editing their branding to make sure everything looks perfect BEFORE they go to market (aka go sell the thing)


Would you rather buy from the person that takes their 80% perfect product with the imperfect branding and packaging to market and sells with their heart?

The second person is someone who knows that they have something that people need and they know they can’t wait any longer to get it out there because there’s too many lives to change.

Here’s the thing: the behind the scenes work will never end. It will always be there. Something will always need to be updated and tweaked. But none of that matters if you aren’t taking what you have TO market.

Instead of pretending that you’re “marketing” by working on your Canva graphics, it’s time to GO. TO MARKET.  and that’s exactly what Kat is talking about in this episode. 

You’ll learn:

  1. What ACTUAL marketing is (bc it’s not Instagram stories)
  2. Why the best product does NOT always win (& how you can make sure yours does)
  3. The most needle moving activity you can do (it’s probably not what you think)




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