March 24, 2022

EPISODE 147: How Do I Make My Offer Irresistible?

Something we get asked a lot from online business owners is, “how do I make my offer irresistible?”

What they’re typically asking is: what can I ADD to my offer so that people see it as a no brainer?

And we totally get it, because perceived value is a thing. Which brings up the question – do you want your offer to be PERCEIVED as valuable or do you want it to ACTUALLY be valuable when you get it into the hands of your people?

What’s interesting and super important to realize is that INFORMATION does not equal TRANSFORMATION.

Knowledge alone is useless. It’s not until that knowledge is applied that people actually win.

Which is the very reason that giving more, more, more isn’t exactly the answer to making your offer irresistible.

Instead of asking: what do I need to add to my offer so that it’s irresistible, start asking yourself: what does it ACTUALLY take for someone to win with my product or service?

What do they ACTUALLY need? Is it all of the extra things? Or is it LESS, but more powerful things?

In this episode, Macy walks you through how you can do both – provide information AND transformation. You’ll learn what it really takes to make your offer truly irresistible!




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