March 14, 2022

Episode 146: Can You ‘Reel’ Your Way Into Growing A Business?

As an online business owner, there’s so much coming at you at once that it can get a little foggy when it comes to where you should be spending your time.

And it makes sense because when you hear ‘online business’ the first things you think of are the things that are, well… ONLINE.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, podcast, website, alllll of those things.

And THESE are typically the things that you hear all the experts and gurus talking about and telling you to focus on – you know, so you can get more exposure, go viral and be omnipresent.

So then, you start to think about all of the things needed for those individual online platforms.

Branding colors, logo, pretty pictures, perfect Canva graphics, aesthetically pleasing grids.

Because of all this, you might be tempted to start spending all of your time THERE. And you kind of enjoy it because, even though it’s a lot of stuff, it’s fun and might even be easy for you.

In today’s podcast episode, Macy asks a question to help you determine if these are the things that matter the MOST when it comes to your business.

(and as you can probably guess… they aren’t!)

You see, there’s a huge difference in being a business professional (who does what MUST be done) and an amateur that “plays” business (by just doing what they love).

And that difference is what Macy walks you through in this episode so you can adopt a new frame of mind and stop trying to “reel” your way into a real business.




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