March 2, 2022

Episode 143: If You’ve Ever Said: “I’m Not a Good Closer”

“I can’t seem to close the sale after someone shows interest.”

⤴️ that’s a common response we received recently when we asked our audience what their biggest struggle was in their business. 

And maybe you can relate – you’re really good at posting and sharing knowledge and information, but then you can’t seem to make the sale.

What’s interesting (and often what people don’t realize) is that during the sales process, you’re actually closing more often than you think.

CLOSE EARLY + CLOSE OFTEN is the name of the game which is why in this episode Macy talks about:

  • What a close really is (it’s not as hard or scary as you might think)
  • The 2 different types of closes & how to utilize each effectively
  • Something you can try TODAY in your own sales conversations




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