March 1, 2022

Episode 140: 7-Figure Freedom Framework Recap

Over the last several weeks, Macy and Kat have been taking you through the Daily Deposit series here on the podcast! If you’ve listened to those episodes, you have hopefully experienced a mindset shift and have been able to reset your focus on the RIGHT things for your life and business.

It’s truly a practice that helps you master your mindset and get your life moving in the right direction each and every day. Whether you’ve been using Daily Deposit for a while or the whole concept is new to you, our hope is that this series helped YOU!

Just yesterday, we hosted the 7-Figure Freedom Framework Training to help you go even deeper into the Daily Deposit practice AND give you the opportunity to join NEEDLE MOVERS!

Needle Movers is a 4 part, self paced course to help you avoid self sabotage, prioritize your to-do’s and consistently move the needle in your life AND business! Here’s a peek into the $197 course ⤵️

Part 1: The Why – Master Your Mindset

Part 2: The What – Practice Your Priorities (this is where you learn how to choose, prioritize and DO the important things while eliminating or delegating everything else)

Part 3: The Where – Build to Last (this is where you learn what exactly the RIGHT things are so you can know for sure that your focus is in the right place, instead of wasting your time on things that don’t matter for the long haul)

Part 4: The How – Plan to Win (and finally we show you exactly HOW to actually do everything that you just learned so that you’re set up to WIN daily – this section includes a juicy demo that you don’t want to miss)

When you join Needle Movers, you will get:
⭐️ 4 part, self paced course with detailed videos and transcripts
⭐️ INCLUDING a Demo to help you Productively Plan using your super scheduler
⭐️ PLUS a Delegation Training so you can see what’s possible
⭐️ AND a Repurposing Content training so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel on every social platform
⭐️ WITH lifetime access to your portal
⭐️ AND a Facebook group full of winners to connect + collab with





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