January 28, 2022

Episode 129: “Is GUIDE Culture For Me?”

In episode 129 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Macy, Kat and Loy are answering some common questions they’ve been hearing since opening enrollment for GUIDE Culture’s Spring Cohort. Enrollment closes on Friday, April 23rd (or when the seats are filled) so if you’ve been interested AT ALL, there’s no time to waste.

Listen to this episode to get answers (and our honest thoughts) to things like:

  • “Is this right for me?”
  • “How much time does it take?”
  • “I think I need to do more marketing first…”
  • “WHAT exactly will I learn in the training?”


[6:07] The guy who is the most slammed, seems to be the one who performs the best… When you get yourself in a position to learn new things, it may actually save you time. 

[13:20] It doesn’t matter how many people you have listening to you unless you can close them. Learn to sell before marketing, not after. 

[19:28] This is more of a prerequisite than it is a reward… You, another person, and something of value is all that you need to start a business. You don’t even need a company name. 

[27:04] Culture and leadership happen whether you want them to or not, so it’s really a matter of intentionality at that point.




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