January 27, 2022

Episode 125: How to Stay Sharp for the Long Game

Have you ever noticed how all of the big time careers require continued education? If you’re a doctor, teacher, lawyer, etc. you typically have to go through recertifications and things like that in order to stay in your field.

But what about those of us who aren’t in those fields? Does that mean that we don’t need to continue our learning and education?

Just recently we saw a news article about airline pilots that said being out of work due to COVID has made them rusty. After going through the long process of receiving their pilots license, just THREE. MONTHS. out of the field has made them forget certain things in their work 😳

I guess that’s why they say “if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

In this episode, Macy talks about what it takes to stay sharp for the long game no matter what industry or field you are in. A core belief here at GUIDE Culture is that you must always be learning and growing, despite what’s happening in the world or in your business. It’s up to YOU to maintain and refine the skills that you have in order to become THE. BEST. at what you do!

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[1:50] The news is so good at pointing out the things that scare you, because they know that the brain is drawn to that.

[8:40] It cannot be an option to not continue your education and continue learning and continue developing your skills at all times. 

[9:03] When you pause in your learning and are at a standstill, you don’t standstill or pick up where you left off, you actually slide backwards. 

[15:23] The best are driven by something bigger. 

[19:07] The long term benefit of any investment is having the right heart, attitude and mindset going into any investment that you make.





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